Zombies, Assassins, and DLC
Zombies, Assassins, and DLC The thumbnail shows a zombie from BLOPS II
Release Date September 26, 2012
Length 4:40
Views 528,000+ (July 2017)
Link Zombies, Assassins, and DLC
S.A.G.N.U.T. Guide
Episode 1
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Zombies, Assassins, and DLC is the 1st episode of Smosh Action Game News Update Today, or S.A.G.N.U.T., on Smosh Games, hosted by Jovenshire, Lasercorn, and Sohinki.


We take a look at the biggest news from this week...

Mass Effect 3 DLC was leaked...all of it. we mean ALL OF IT. Assasin's Creed creators are telling us that we will finally have a satisfying ending for Desmond.

Oh and we take a closer look at the Dishonored web series. And how can we forget, Black Ops 2 has FINALLY revealed a zombies trailer and we get all up in that undead business.


  • TONS OF ME3 DLC ON THE WAY: The remainder of Mass Effect 3's DLC was leaked via a Pastebin document, and there is a lot of it, including new cinematics, characters, and the "Rebirth" DLC.
  • NEW DISHONORED WEBISODE: The company behind the game Dishonored released the first of a three-part web series titled "Tales from Dunwall". The first episode, titled "Awakening", gave viewers a glimpse into the "creepy, techno-magicy" world of Dishonored.
  • AC3 ENDING WILL ANSWER QUESTIONS: Ubisoft announced that Assassin's Creed III will tie up all loose ends the previous game left, and Sohinki expresses his hope for ninjas in it.
  • BLOPS 2 ZOMBIES REVEAL TRAILER: The first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was recently released.


  • This is the first video on Smosh Games.

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