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March 22, 2013 (Smosh)
March 24, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Link, Old man, Energy Drink Bros, Josh Dietz, fairies (both little one and gay one)

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Zelda in Real Life! is the twelfth episode of Season 2013 of the Smosh series that was uploaded on March 22, 2013.


Link travels to another dimension leading to our world.


Link comes out of the house with the narrator saying that Link fell into another dimension and is now at our present time. Link sees a mini van and gets scared by it. The narrator said that the transition has been a bit rough on him. Link wonders and actually says, "Where the hell am I?" The narrator said that Link can talk now. Link passes by an old man (played as Anthony) on the driveway which he said to Link that it's dangerous to go alone and to take the Wooden Sword. Link doesn't want the Sword, but the old man told him to. Link decides to take the sword and the old man asked if Link got any change. Link decided not to pay, but the old man told Link he needs money for the bus and gave Link to pay, but Link kills the old man instead and starts to leave.

In the park, the Energy Drink Bros saw Link walking thinking his fashion is stupid and that it looks like Robin Hood in a ballet about being a dumbass and laughed at it. Link got upset saying that they to take it back. One of the brothers asked why which Link answered saying because he would swore in Kokiri Village that he would slice them with the sword, but all of sudden got beaten up and spit on by them while also seeing the Wooden Sword broken by one of the brothers and a recovery heart taken away. Link got back up and later on bump towards a fat man called Josh Dietz thinking he was a Goron. The fat guy thought Link wants his ass beaten. Link tries to challenge the fat man but realizes the sword is broken and got beaten up by him all of the sudden. The fat man tells Link to not call him a Goron ever again thinking it is a gay moron. He thinks the name is mean and politically incorrect and leaves. Link hears a beeping noise from only having one recovery heart after losing the other one which he doesn't like. All of the sudden the old man jumps towards Link saying that he could use a fairy. Link got scared because he thought he killed the man. Link thought about what the man about using a fairy, but thought the gay kind which there was one by the corner. The old man corrected Link showing him a fairy in a jar. Link takes out the jar and the fairy flies near Link. He didn't like it thinking it was like a flying bug. After the hearts were replenished, he accidentally punched the old man knocking his head to a stool lying down killing him. After that, Link threw the jar with the lid and ran away.

Near a pot store, Link thought that he can go in there to break pots to get some rupees which he went in. Later on, Link got out realizing the pot store sells marijuana instead of flower pots while coughing.

Back in the park, Link found the Energy Drink Bros talking to each other and tries to throw a rock at them, but the old man came back again scaring Link which Link wants him to stop. The old man tells him that he could use bombs to defeat them. He showed him how to do it by taking a bomb out of his innovatory. While still holding the bomb, he also told him to select the desire angle to toss it. Link tries to tell the man to hurry, but the man was still giving instructions which he said about looking out for it being red because it shows that it's about to explode. While the man was holding the bomb, it exploded by him while Link hid behind a tree away from the bomb. Link starts to go to more important things, but the man came back saying that he could roll the bombs. Link then decides to cause suicide to himself. The narrator said that even though Link has been on sixteen epic quests in hyrule, could only survive the present for twenty-five minutes.

Deleted Scene #1

When Link was about to fight the Energy Drink Bros., Link didn't even fight them saying that he's too scare to do so.

Deleted Scene #2

After Link takes the Magical Sword from the old man and the old asking if Link has change, Link says that he doesn't carry change around and sees the old man brain dead. He snaps his fingers proving his point and leaves.

Deleted Scene #3

After Link leaves the pot store, three smokers want Link to come back and one of them even called Link a rookie.


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  • This is the fifth video of Smosh's "(video game title) In Real Life" series, after the numerous POKEMON IN REAL LIFE! episodes.
  • Unless Smosh is including Battle Quest in Nintendo Land or have Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons separate, Link only had 15 quests according to the Hyrule Historia book.
  • Rolling the bomb was introduced in Skyward Sword which isn't really new since its the first quest in the timeline.
  • This is the 5th appearance of Link, the first was If Video Games Were Real, the second was The Legend of Zelda Rap, the third was If Video Games Were Real 2, and the fourth was Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!
  • The El Smosh version comes out the same day as Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.
  • Kokiri Village is actually known as Kokiri Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • In the Zelda series, you can also get a bomb from a plant that looks like a bomb.
  • Spirit Tracks doesn't count since the point of the game was after Link found the new land.

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