(Anthony is shown trying to solve his Rubik's Cube. He fails and throws it on the floor. Ian walks in.)


Dude, the commercial I'm in is going to be on TV tonight!


Sweet, what time?


At like three 'o clock in the morning, so we're going to have to stay up super late!

(Ian's mom hears what Ian had said and walks into the room.)


What's this I hear about staying up late?

(Ian just discovers his mom is behind him and jumps in fright. He tries to hide his true plan.)


Uh, nothing, mom...


You know, bedtime's at 11, young man.

(Ian gets flustered and lashes out at his mom.)

Ian: Okay, I'm a grown-ass man, so you can't tell me what to do!

(Ian's mom slaps Ian in the face, causing him to start crying. She walks away, cursing.)

Sharon: Pussy.

(Anthony looks disappointed and concerned.)

Anthony: What are we going to do?

(Ian is very determined to stay up late.)

Ian: We're gonna stay up anyway.

(Scenes are shown of Ian and Anthony doing random stuff until 11pm.)

Anthony and Ian: My mom can't tell us what to do. We're gonna do whatever we want. It's gonna be the greatest slumber party EVER!

(Ian and Anthony rest on the couch.)

Anthony: Best night ever!

Ian: Yeah, I'm never going to sleep again!

(Ian's mom overhears their conversation.)

Sharon: Ian...

(Ian's mom walks into the room, while Ian and Anthony pretend to sleep. Ian's mom looks satisfied at them "sleeping".)

Ian: ...not the bicycle... (sleeptalking)

Sharon: Good.

(Both wake up.)

Ian: *yawn* That was a close one...

(Anthony looks at the clock. The time shows "11:00".)

Anthony: Oh man, it's only 11!

Ian: We need to get serious.

(Ian and Anthony are shown doing more activities, like downing soft drinks. They are then seen playing chess. After Anthony makes his move, Ian is seen dozing off, so Anthony sprays acid into his eyes.)

Ian: *screams* ¡Mis Ojos! *continues screaming* I need milk!

(Both are seen playing "Never Have I Ever".)

Anthony: Never have I ever...peed my bed in the past five years.

(Ian gets distraught and loses yet another life. Ian's mom's voice is then heard.)

Sharon: Ian...

(Ian gets shocked, and they both pretend to sleep again. When his mom walks to the corridor, they find them "sleeping" again in the most awkward angles, but she apparently passes it off as them actually sleeping.)

Sharon: That's what I thought.

(Ian's mom walks back into her room. Both wake up again.)

Anthony: Gah, what time is it?

(Ian looks at his clock. The time shows "2:30".)

Ian: Only 30 minutes left 'till my commercial!

Anthony: Let's do this for realsies!

(They are both seen high-fiving and then rip open packets of sugar and dunk them down their throats. They then grab a whole crate of sugar and start downing them all, making them able to stay up. Eventually, they down so much sugar that Ian starts seeing hallucinations of himself as Nyan Cat, with the Nyan Cat theme playing. As a final stunt, Ian pulls out a transformer, with alligator clips on the end, clipped to Anthony's nipples. Anthony tells Ian to kick it up.)

Anthony: Do it!

(Ian starts laughing like a mad scientist as he turns the transformer up, while Anthony is seen having lots of muscle spasms and with a white fluid coming out of his mouth in torrents. Ian's mom hears this and comes out of her room again to inspect.)

Sharon: Dang it, Ian, if you two are up -

(Both pretend to sleep again, this time while standing up. Again, Ian's mom apparently passes this off as them actually sleeping.)

Sharon: Sleeping like babies.

(She walks back to her room, and both wake up. Anthony looks very exasperated.)

Anthony: God! Is it time for the commercial yet?

(Ian looks at his alarm clock. He gets shocked, as the time shows "2:32".)

Ian: It's only been two minutes!

(Anthony pulls out a blowtorch.)

Anthony: *groans* Fine... (while holding a blowtorch)

(The screen is blacked out, while the time card "28 minutes later" is shown. Anthony and Ian are heard screaming in pain as they are burnt by the flame. Eventually, the clock shows "2:59", and cuts to "3:00", and plays some music to alert them of the time. A disheveled Ian and Anthony wake up to the sound.)

Ian: *gasps* Commercial time!

Anthony: Finally!

(The TV is turned on, showing the commercial. The commercial is shown in Engrish, with the announcer mispronouncing "r" as "w" sometimes.)

Japanese Announcer: Greetings, happy face! Do you wet bed?

Ian: Yeah?

Announcer: Have we got supewior gift for you!

(Ian sits upright.)

Ian: Really?

Announcer: We give you answer to most excewwent problem! Welcome to...Sumo Pee Buroka!

(Ian changes clothes, and a title card is shown, with the words "Sumo Pee Blocker" on it. Ian jumps for joy.)

Ian: Yay!

Announcer: You no go pee pee in pants no more! Cool! Fun! Sexy! Sumo Pee Buroka!

(Cards are shown with the words "Cool", "Fun", and "Sex" instead of "Sexy". The commercial ends, and the camera cuts back to Ian and Anthony.)

Anthony: This is the stupidest thing ever! Why would anyone use this when they can just get up and go to the bathroo -

(A peeing sound is heard.)

Anthony: ...what's that noise?

(Camera zooms out to Ian, who is wearing a Sumo Pee Blocker.)

Ian: I'm peeing...thanks, Sumo Pee Blocker!

(Ian gives two thumbs up.)

Announcer: Scrawny white boy approved!

(A title card is shown, showing "Scrawny White Boy Approved!", and applause is heard. The video ends.)

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