"Hey girls, let's have a slumber party! Can I watch? SHUT UP!"


October 14, 2011

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Ian, Cheryl Hecox, Anthony, commercial narrator

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XTREME SLEEPOVER! is a Smosh video uploaded on October 14, 2011. Ian and Anthony stay up past their bedtime to watch a commercial starring Ian that premieres at 3:00 A.M..


Anthony was playing with a Rubik's Cube, when he grows frustrated and throws the cube to the ground. Ian comes in and tells Anthony that the commercial he's in is going to premiere at three o'clock in the morning, so they have to stay up late. However, Ian's mom hears this and reminds Ian that bedtime is at 11:00. Ian argues that he's a "grown-ass man" and he shouldn't be told what to do. However, his mom slaps him, which causes him to cry. She calls him a pussy and leaves. Anthony asks what they're going to do, so Ian says that they're going to stay up late anyway.

Ian and Anthony start eating large amounts of candy and playing patty-cake as Ian narrates that his mom can't tell him what to do and that they're going to have the greatest slumber party ever. The boys sit on the couch and comment how much fun they're having when they suddenly hear Ian's mom's voice from the hallway. Ian's Mom comes in to see the boys sleeping on the couch and leaves. Ian and Anthony wake up and Anthony complains that it's only 11:00 PM. Ian tells Anthony that they need to get serious.

4 hours until commercial time, Anthony and Ian decide to drink lots of energy drinks to stay up. However, Ian starts to grow sleepy as they play a game of chess. Anthony sprays acid on Ian's face, which causes him to scream in Spanish. Ian and Anthony later play a game of I Never, where Anthony says, "Never have I ever... peed my bed in the past five years." Ian reluctantly puts his finger down as he hears his mom's voice. She walks in to find Anthony sleeping on the floor planking and Ian sleeping on the floor "snailing." As soon as she leaves, the boys wake up and finds out that it's 2:30 AM. With only thirty minutes until the commercial airs, Anthony tells Ian that they are now going to "do this for realsies."

Ian and Anthony start to eat several Pixie Sticks, getting a sugar rush from the candy. They eat so much of the Pixie Sticks that Ian starts to hallucinate and sees Nyan Cats with his mind everywhere. Later, Anthony has two electric clips on his nipples and Ian starts a machine that starts to electrocute Anthony. Ian's Mom gets up and sees Ian and Anthony sleeping standing up, with the electric clips still attached to Anthony's nipples. Despite this, Ian's Mom lets it slide and leaves. Anthony asks if it's time for the commercial, but Ian complains that it's only two minutes past 2:30 AM, prompting Anthony to take out a blowtorch.

After twenty-eight pain filled minutes, the Spongebob alarm clock sounds off and Ian turns on the television to watch the commercial. The commercial starts with Ian in bed and a Japanese voice talking to him.

Japanese voice: "Greetings Happy Face! Do you wet bed?"
Ian: "Yeah!"
Japanese Voice: "Have we got superior gift for you!"
Ian: "Really!?"
Japanese Voice: "We give you answer to most excellent problem! Welcome to SUMO PEE BLOCKER! You no go pee pee in pants no more! Cool! Fun! Sexy! SUMO PEE BLOCKER!"

Anthony comments on how stupid the product is. He asks why anyone would use this when they could just get up and go to the bathroom. However, he hears a strange noise and asks Ian what is it. Ian, wearing a Sumo Pee Blocker, answers that he's peeing before he gives two thumbs up and cheers, "Thanks Sumo Pee Blocker." The Japanese voice says, "Scrawny White Boy Approved!"


XTREME Sleepover/Script


  • When Ian gets sprayed with acid, one of the Spanish phrases he shouts is the same from OUR VIDEO IDEAS STOLEN!, when the Latino peep takes the liquid and screams on the ground.
  • When Anthony was shocked by the nipple electrocution, he might have been rabid when shocked.
  • During the "Thanks For Subscribing" ending, you can get a "Free Sumo Pee blocker" (but only if you're a fetus).
  • When Mrs. Hecox checks on Ian and Anthony for the second time, Ian is seen sleeping in a "snailing" posture, which may have been its origin of its appearance in THE POKEMON MASTER!
  • When Anthony says; 'It's only been two minutes' it was two minutes into the video and the clock said it was 2:32, which was, apparently how long it was into the video (2 minutes, 32 seconds).
  • If you look closely, the Spongebob clock turns from 11:00 to 11:01 right before it changes to the next scene.

Subscription Ending

"Click the Subscribe Button to get a free Sumo Pee Blocker! *peeing* Ahhhhh... works as advertised."



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