X-Mas Osama's First Christmas

"X-Mas: Osama's First Christmas" is a Smosh video, uploaded on December 11, 2009. This is part 2 of a three part series of Smoshy Christmas stories.



Ian greets the viewers as Anthony explains they will read more of their favorite Christmas stories. Ian picks up the book and opens it to one of his favorite Christmas stories about a "jolly old man with a beard".


NOTE: Most of the titles for these clips are not official.

Osama's First Christmas Part 1

Osama bin Laden greets Ian and Anthony, saying he is new to the neighborhood. Osama asks the boys if they like his Christmas tree, which is really a wreath in Christmas lights. Ian points out that it isn't a Christmas tree, but Osama says that he's been stuck in a cave, that he forgot what a tree looks like.


Robert (Anthony) and Sherryl are a couple that was matched on December 4, 2009. Robert tells Sherryl he will never talk about Star Wars at dinner and Sherryl promises Robert not to wear pajamas after 11:00 AM, but Robert jokingly asks Sherryl if she should never wear her pajamas. The announcer then says that iHarmony matches on 29 dimensions of compatability. Sherryl then asks Robert to stop believing in Santa Claus, but it only results in a big argument that has Robert complain that dating sites never work. The announcer recommends to try iHarmony because "Tiger Woods did... once or twice."

Front-Door Caroling Part 2

Ian, Anthony, and their caroling crew now sing Deck the Halls in front of the same house. The lady immediately closes the door and Ian shouts, "What a bitch!".

Osama's First Christmas Part 2

Osama asks Ian and Anthony that if a wreath in Christmas lights isn't a Christmas Tree, then he asks about several objects being a Christmas tree. He asks about a flamingo, a boombox, which is playing Tunak Tunak Tun, and even Anthony, all covered in Christmas lights. The boys respond no to all of those. Osama then asks if the wreath is a Christmas tree again. Ian and Anthony just decide to say yes.

Santa Claus Sees You

Ian and a little girl were reading books while listening to Santa Claus is Coming To Town, specifically at the "He sees you when you're sleeping" part. The girl asks that if Santa sees you when you are sleeping, then Santa should be watching them all the time. Ian tells her not to worry about it, but she asks if it is true and says that Santa could be looking through a hole in the couch right now. Inside, Santa Claus (Anthony) is hidden under the couch, where he gets punched in the face by the girl.

Osama's First Christmas Part 3 (Exclusive to

This was an exclusive video to, Osama is inside Ian and Anthony's house, he asks them what a mistletoe is. Osama suggests a stocking, Santa Claus, and a toy missle taped to his toe. Ian and Anthony facepalm theirselves. After the boys facepalm theirselves, a troll (Ian) rudely writes to him saying that the facepalm joke is 2 years old. Anthony comes out and punches the troll after that.


Ian comments on Santa being "such a rascal" before Anthony closes the book. Anthony tells the viewers to stay tuned for the third and final part of their Christmas stories.
X-mas Osama's First Christmas

X-mas Osama's First Christmas

Trivia / Goofs

  • iHarmony is a parody of the dating website eHarmony.
  • Osama bin Laden appears again in Part 3 of this Saga.
  • The real bin Laden cannot celebrate Christmas as he is a muslim.

Shut Up! Opening

We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas-SHUT UP!


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