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May 3, 2013 (Smosh)
May 5, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Antoinette, Anthony's Mother, Anthony's Dad, Sadie, her mom, Ian's girlfriend, gay couples

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Worst Proposals Ever is a Smosh video uploaded on May 3, 2013.


After watching Anthony's parents' proposal video, Ian and Anthony think of the worst proposals possible.



Anthony got the VHS tape of his parents' proposal and asks him why he wants to see it. Ian wanted it for inspiration when he proposes. Anthony asks who he's going to propose to, but Ian said to not worry about it and put the tape in. Anthony put the tape in and Ian moved over the couch. In the video, Our Gnarly Proposal!, Anthony's father (Anthony) talks about how the flower shows beauty and stuff like Anthony's mother (Ian). He asks if she would be his wife for life. Ian thought his parents looked like idiots which Anthony told him to shut up. In the video, the mother agreed to the proposal and the father celebrated thinking it was radical. Ian thought it was the worst proposal ever. Anthony thought there would be worse proposals now which Ian questioned him.

The Cupid

Anthony's girlfriend was planting a flower when Anthony, dressed as cupid, shoots her with an arrow. Attached on that arrow is a paper that reads "Will you marry me." She says yes, but dies afterwards. Anthony says that he shouldn't have used real arrows and runs away. (THE WORST!)

The Reversal

Ian's girlfriend gets down on one knee and asks Ian if he will marry her. However, Ian is disgusted, saying that she shouldn't do that because she's a girl. However, Ian's girlfriend argues that Ian was being "too much of a pussy" to propose and she can't wait forever before handing Ian the ring. Ian takes the ring and asks that if he says no, he could at least sell the ring on Craigslist. Ian's girlfriend knees Ian in the balls, throws the case at him and says, "Bitch!" (THE WORST!)

The Sweet Surprise

Anthony and his girlfriend were having cake when she says that the cake is amazing. Anthony says that the thing that would be even more amazing is asking her to marry him. Anthony's girlfriend says that she will and asks where the ring is. Anthony was about to tell her that the ring is inside her cake, but sees that her plate is empty, realizing that she ate the ring as well. Anthony then change the subject about having a good weather outside. (THE WORST!)

The Double Standard

Fabian gets down on one knee proposes to his boyfriend. Fabian's boyfriend happily accepts the ring and puts it on him. Two women sitting on a nearby bench complained about the "man love." However, the two women happen to be lesbians when one of the girls gets down on one knee and proposes to the other girl. The girl says yes and the two men nearby complain about the "vagina love." (THE WORST!)

Parental Permission

Anthony is on one knee telling Sadie that they've been together for a long time, but he pushes Sadie out of the way, causing her to knock over a painting. Anthony then asks Sadie's mom to marry him. Sadie's mom says yes and she and Anthony hug, leaving Sadie to stand there confused. (THE WORST!)

The Extreme Proposal

Ian and his girlfriend were skydiving when Ian asks if she will marry him. However, she mishears this as "I have a hairy knee." Ian corrects her by asking again, but his girlfriend mistakes this as "I smell like pee." She grows angry and pushes Ian, causing him to get splattered by a plane flying by. (THE WORST!)

The Soul Mate

Anthony starts to propose to a dog because he known him ever since he remember and feels like he gets him. Anthony starts to propose to his Xbox because its been there for the worst times in his life. The Xbox said that his achievement was a virgin. Anthony even tries to propose himself in the mirror because he understands himself and will never leave him. There was a sad violin music and Anthony's reflection has a Forever Alone face. (THE F***ING WORST!)

Alternate Scene #1

When Anthony was proposing to the dog, Anthony still asks for the proposal and also asks if he gave the dog a treat and if can put peanut butter on somewhere special again.

Alternate Scene #2

When Anthony was proposing to the Xbox, he explained that he almost got it to a Red Ring of Death but didn't thought that was appropriate. Anthony thought the Xbox said "No" and he said that it has to play games with his heart. He asks if it got the joke because it plays games since it's an Xbox.

Memory Lane (Deleted)

Ian told her girlfriend if she remembered about the time they met at a cow farm which she did. Ian took off the blindfold and showed her cow poop that spells out "MARRY ME." Ian asked if she liked it, but the girlfriend puked on him and Ian asked if that was a yes. (THE WORST!)

Deleted Scene (how ironic)

When Ian showed his girlfriend the surprise, the girlfriend covered her mouth not liking this and Ian thought of eating all of the cow poop.


Ian and Anthony see Anthony's parents celebrating their proposal and Ian thinks he has the courage to ask for a proposal. Anthony encourages Ian to do it. It seemed at first he was proposing to Anthony, but it was a proposal to Antoinette. She agreed with the proposal and they were both laughing. When Antoinette sneezed, Ian didn't give out a comment. Antoinette slapped Ian decided to breakup with him for not blessing her. Ian gave out a loud cry afterwards. Anthony saw more of the video seeing that the mother is actually a man which Anthony thought that his mother is actually his other father which he cried loudly afterwards. Antoinette cried loudly afterwards for no one liking her for changing her relationship status to single.


Worst Proposals Ever/Script



  • The ending is similar to Crybaby with Anthony, Ian, and Antoinette all screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!"
  • This is more of an observation, but Antoinette has brown hair in this episode, where in all her other appearances, she has blonde hair. In I Have a Secret Son, her hair is black. She has sported a total of three hair colors in her appearances.
  • In the restaurant proposal scene, there is a painting of a boy walking with a sack on his back closest to the screen door.
    • Even though only his backside is seen, the boy looks similar to Billy Hamburger.
  • Before the proposal scene plays, the title screen music (Ian and Anthony scatting the wedding theme) is faster every scene.
  • Another observation, but Ian and Anthony supposedly have a VCR (VHS Tape-Player) in their house
  • This video was released on the same day as the Iron Man 3 movie, while El Smosh's version released on Cinco De Mayo.
  • In the description of the video, and during the bloopers, there is a link to promote Free Shipping at the Smosh Store until May 5th. The next video, Amazing New Workout, extends the date until the 12th
  • The scene where Anthony finds out that his mom is his dad is a possible reference to WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!

Shut Up! Opening

"If gay marriage is legalized, can I marry my gay cat? SHUT UP!"

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"You'll be totally gnarly if you guys click the subscribe button and radical. And tubiler. And rainbow sprinkly-di-tacular."



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