WoW or Not to WoW is the fifth episode in the SmoshGames series PVP. This installment revolves around sandbox and open-world games.

Round 1


With the newest expansion to World of Warcraft, should former players get back into playing it? We should (Sohinki) vs. We shouldn't (Lasercorn)

We should

  1. There is no longer the deterrent of having to replay and grind through the old content; each player is given a free lv. 90 character.
  • It is possible to excel in school and play WoW regularly.
  • For those that enjoyed the characters from previous worlds, this offers an origin story to expand on them.

We shouldn't

  1. WoW can ruin the academic career of those who become enraptured by it.
  • Time travel is a gimmick.
  • Blizzard has always released liquid crack.

Round 2

Should there be more console MMO's? Yes (Joven) or No (Sohinki)


  1. It is expensive to have the equipment to play a high-quality MMO.
  2. Companies are losing money by not tapping into the pool of people who are most comfortable playing only console games.
  3. The Xbox can also allow gamers to play with others from all around the world; just as much as a PC.
  4. It has worked for Diablo 3.
  • It has recently worked well for Final Fantasy XIV.


  1. There aren't enough buttons on a controller to encompass all of the abilities that most MMO characters have.
  2. They require a lot of processing power for the large landscapes.
  • The console port of Diablo 3 had to be simplified a multitude of abilities at a time down to 4.

Round 3

Should the upcoming Arkham game be linear or open-world? Open World (Lasercorn) vs. Linear (Jovenshire)

Open World

  1. Joven's mind cannot prioritize quests on its own.
  2. Open-world gameplay has made the Arkham Batman games iconic.
  • Joven had just been missing the opportunities to be stealthy.


  1. Arkham Asylum wasn't much of an open-world game. It was a linear series of events taking place in large areas.
  2. Returning to the linear setup could return some of the stealth aspect that was lost in Arkham City and Origins.
  3. It could be like Splinter Cell, but with Batman's cowl.
  • As shown in the Origins Let's Play upload, it is Lasercorn that doesn't know how to be stealthy.


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