Wii U Sports is Awesome!
Wii U Sports is Awesome
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November 9, 2012 (Smosh)
November 11, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Billy Hamburger, his father, Billy's grandfather, Billy's mom, narrator

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Wii U Sports is Awesome! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 9, 2012.


The new Wii U Sports is better than the first game! It's dangerous, innovative, and AWESOME!



When Wii Sports came out on November 19, 2006, it was a massive success until people stopped playing it after five minutes of the game thinking that it was boring. The grandfather (Jeff Webster) thought it was boring and Billy (Ian) thought he was too old for this shit calling it The Narrator tells the viewers to not worry anymore because of the new game Wii U Sports which takes the original games and fixed them so they won't suck anymore.....

Past Games

(New installments from the original Wii Sports games)

Wii U Tennis

The grandfather plays against his son or son-in-law (Anthony) in tennis when a machine gun power up appears. Billy's mother says to her husband to get it. Billy's dad hits the tennis ball to the machine gun power up and shot his father or father-in-law's Mii while the grandfather acts like he is dying. Billy likes the fact his grandfather "died" and wants to play next.

Wii U Golf

Billy and his mom (Gillian Tarkington) are playing Wii U golf driving carts, and they crash and all start fighting. Billy and his grandfather flip over Billy's parents' car into a bunker, causing it to blow up. As Billy and his grandpa celebrate, Billy's mom slaps her husband asking "What happened?" and see that Billy and his grandfather are repeatedly running over Billy's parents with the cart.

Wii U Boxing

This event can help elders get revenge on their families for putting them in the retirement homes. The grandfather is fighting Billy's dad in a boxing match and knocks him in the red zone and Billy's mother tells the grandfather to "finish him". The grandfather flips over him and rips his head off, making it bleed and kill his Mii. Everyone except Billy's dad becomes elated for the grandfather's victory. Afterward the grandfather's Mii even extracted his son's Mii's spinal cord.

New Installments

The narrator also said that instead of just changing the old sports, they also made new events...

Wii U Gladiator

Billy's parents are swordfighting, and Billy comes on a chariot (while sitting on the couch) and cuts his dad's Mii in half from the waist using the blade on the wheel and says "Ha, eat shit and die, Dad!"

Wii U Mud Wrestling

This event pleases the guys. Billy's grandfather and mom are wrestling and Billy's mom pushes over her father-in-law, and Billy's grandfather flips her over and says "This is so hot!" with a perverse look on his face.

Wii U Juggling

This event is one of the game's favorites. Billy and his dad are juggling chainsaws, making this Billy's favorite. After his dad accidentally almost dropped his Nunchuck, the chainsaw he was juggling impaled Billy's Mii in the forehead. When Billy lost at the juggling game, this not only killed his Mii but his actual self. It is revealed that if a Mii dies their player's Wii Remote ejects a neurotoxin which kills them in real life. After realizing this, Billy's dad (Anthony) accidentally makes his Mii throw up both his chainsaws, which cause the mom and grandfather--and their Miis--to suffer the same fate as Billy. A horrified Anthony is relieved upon realizing the Wii Remotes work as defibrillators, so he revives Billy whom is amazed at the game's realism.


The narrator tells the viewers to get it and also to never stop playing or they'll be killed again. The family is seen tortured and crying, not wanting to play the game anymore.


Wii U Sports is Awesome!/Script


  • In the tennis scene, Anthony hits a power-up which gives him a machine gun, which he uses to kill the grandfather. This was first seen in GAMER GETS TROLL'D!.
  • In most of the scenes where the game is being played onscreen, one of the Miis watching every game is That Damn Neighbor.
  • There is actually a sequel to Wii Sports called Wii Sports Resort released 2009, also for Wii.
  • The actual Wii U Sports is Wii Sports Club, which is an actual Wii Sports game for Wii U. the game was released on November 7, 2013 which was 2 days and one year later after this video was released.
  • During the juggling scene, when Anthony's Mii throws his chainsaws up upon learning about the neurotoxin, two naked Miis are seen humping each other.
  • Some of the games didn't show the players dying in real life for the suspense.
  • Despite the rules stating that whomever had their Mii killed died in the real world due to the neurotoxin, under some circumstances certain players stay alive:
    • In the tennis scene, the grandfather does "die" but only mimics the death, although it would've been real.
    • In the boxing scene, Anthony does not get hurt when his Mii is decapitated by his opponent's.
    • In the golf scene, neither of Billy's parents are hurt when their cart explodes and they are run over.
    • In the gladiator scene, Anthony is not hurt when his Mii gets sliced in half by Billy's.
    • In fact, the only scene in which players truly died was in the juggling scene.
  • The game was a T-rated title, but despite its blood and gore--and sexual content--it should probably be an M-rated title.
  • This video was made to promote the Wii U, but despite being its main attractive, the GamePad is nowhere to be found in this video. Also the players are using Wii Remotes throughout the entire game, although this could be since the console is backward-compatible with the original Wii.
  • Anthony using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as defibrillators to revive Billy could be a reference to the Wii versions of Atlus's Trauma Center series, where the Wii Remote and Nunchuk were used as that during some points in the game.
  • The father's amount of bullets went from 420 to 297 in Wii Tennis after his ninth kill from the grandfather, with also 69 HP, three grenades left, two rubber ducks left, and no armor.
  • The boxing scene is a clear reference to Mortal Kombat, from Billy's mother yelling "Finish him!" to the graphic fatality that occurs afterward.
  • Ian appears as Billy again since Teleporting Fat Guy is BACK!
  • This is Smosh's most violent video since Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song, despite the violence being in a video game. The video portrays multiple instances of Splatter Humor and Kenny McCormick-esque deaths.
  • The actual game for the parody is called Sports Connection which doesn't involve using Miis.
  • The title of the game is called Wii U Sports, but the Wii Fit sequel for Wii U is called Wii Fit U, so it is more likely that a true Wii Sports sequel for Wii U would be called Wii Sports U.
  • The game usually with the black Wii U is Nintendo Land which is like Wii Sports, but with a Nintendo twist to it.
  • Wii bowling and baseball hasn't changed.
  • If Anthony's taller than Ian, so Anthony can be the dad in this video.
  • In the boxing scene, it references Predator due to Billy's grandfather ripping the spine of the Mii.

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing! Aw, I can't wait to play Wii U Mud Wrestling! Hehehe! I mean, uh, I have a girlfriend, I don't need that crap!

Shut Up! Opening

It's not for real gamers unless there's shooting and killing! SHUT UP!



Anthony Padilla as Billy's dad, narrater
Ian Hecox as Billy
Gillian Tarkington as Billy's mum
Jeff Webster as Billy's granddad


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