What's in My Pants Challenge is a video of Smosh is Bored released October 24, 2016.

The Challenge

While Ian or Anthony wear a blindfold, the other person puts an object of their choosing down the front of the blindfolded person's sweatpants. The person then must guess what it is using only his crotches and legs. Hints are also given when necessary. Four rounds are played.


-Ian drops a toilet bowl cleaner down Anthony's pants and he guesses the object.

-Anthony puts a baby doll down Ian's pants and he guesses the object almost immediately, Anthony trying to deny that it is a doll. Due to the doll being used in a Smosh video, Ian was able to correctly guess the object.


-Ian drops a golden trophy down Anthony's pants. He has to help Anthony out extensively before he correctly guesses the object.

-Anthony puts a bag of onions down Ian's pants and he guesses correctly after some time.


-Ian drops a Batman action figure down Anthony's pants. He eventually figures out what it is on his own.

-Anthony puts a Jesus candle down Ian's pants. He guesses wrong multiple times and requires assistance and a big hint from Anthony to finally correctly guess the object.


-Ian drops a wiener dog skeleton down Anthony's pants. After many hints and a wrong guess, Anthony somewhat guesses correctly, not realizing the dog was only bones.

-Anthony places two objects down Ian's pants: a toaster and a bag of frozen crinkled carrots. He guesses the toaster soon after getting over the initial shock of cold but needs hints from Anthony for the carrots and guesses incorrectly multiple times.

Trivia and miscellaneous facts

  • Both men have blindfolds with eyes on them.
  • When it is not his turn, Ian spends much of the episode with his arms in his sweatpants.
  • Ian uses his feet to put the objects down Anthony's pants, which Anthony suspects.
  • Ian is proven once again to be very good at guessing games.
  • Ian gets all of the cold objects.
  • The video is wrought with sexual innuendo.
  • Ian twerks sometimes to get objects to where he wants them.

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