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Wesley Johnson




May 23, 1988 (age 29)






WesTheEditor, Pretty Girl, Winter Soldier, Man-child, GGG (Gay German Gamer), Skullknight101, The Big Guy,

Years Active

2014-Present (WesTheEditor)
2014-Present (Smosh Games)

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Wesley Alan Johnson (born May 23, 1988), most commonly known as Wes or WesTheEditor, was an editor for Smosh Games and, as of the episode New Smosh Games Members?, was accepted as a member of the Smosh Games team, along with Flitz. Wes also has his own channel (WesTheEditor) based on video games and other vlogs. He has more than 126,000 subscribers.

Personal Life

Wes enjoys cosplaying and gaming. He also posts videos on a personal channel. Wes started acting on YouTube first in "Breaking Point" as the role of Tate Kelly and has been in acclaimed films such as "Nazis at the Center of the Earth." He is also a member of Smosh Games and appears on many Grand Theft Smosh, Maricraft, Gamebang, Cell Outs and Friendly Fire videos. He currently has more than 125,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel. He is one of the most recent additions to Smosh Games.

He is currently in a relationship with Isabelle Lynn (@reminawest) since 2014. As of August 5, 2016, they have been engaged.



Wes, Mari, Lasercorn and Flitz with a crowd of fans in Trafalgar Square, London

  • Shayne believes that Wes is a broken Terminator who just wanted to eat candy and play video games.
  • It was revealed in SMOSH SECRETS REVEALED, that he was in the 99th percentile  for SATs in school (which means he got a higher score than 99% of other kids).
  • In HOW TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE it is revealed that Jovenshire lived with him, although Joven has since moved into a place of his own.
    •    In the same video, it is revealed that Wes owns multiple weapons (according to Jovenshire, he owns an 9mm, a Magnum, shotguns, a rifle and a few knives).
  • It is also found out during Smosh Winter Games that Wes is allergic to bananas.
  • Wes is a "semi-professional paintballer". This was mentioned by Lasercorn in a Cage Match Punishment (Chivalry & Paintball Punishment)
  • He is extremely fond of ice cream.
  • On some of his personal channel videos, Wes has shown that he can do a wide variety of accents and is seen to be particularly good at doing a British accent and a German accent, and can do a decent Russian accent.
    • His German accent alias is known as the GGG (Gay German Gamer)
  • According to one of his Q&A videos on his personal channel, as a child Wes wanted to be an actual spy and says he could've chosen that path if he wasn't a family oriented guy.
  • It is revealed in COMIC CON BREAKFAST that he is infact a good cook.
  • He does not have a regular streaming schedule.
  • He loves kids and hopes to be a good father when he has them.
  • He has a little brother named Trenton, who goes by Trent, who has been featured in an episode of Grand Theft Smosh offscreen. He also had a Onscreen appearance on Wes's Personal Channel where Wes and Trent Played Halo 2.
  • Wes is frequently mocked for his love of Link from the Legend of Zelda series, originating from his Link cosplay. His Amiibo is named Dark Link (Link with the Shadow Link color), for which even Davis from the Warp Zone mocked him.
  • In a recent MariCraft video, it is revealed that his middle name is Alan. Mari screamed "Allllllllaaaaaannn" to announce this.
  • In Dirty Secrets in Adult Loaded Questions, it is revealed that Wes's writing is messy, as Flitz calls it chicken scratch.
  • He loves explosions a lot.
  • In MARIO PARTY 10 w/ SMOSH KEITH & WES (SGA Live) Wes reveals that he used to be in Men's Chorus and actually has quite a singing voice, thanks to his mom who always made him sing when he was younger. He also demonstrates his talent by singing a part of the song "You Raise Me Up", made famous by acts such as Josh Groban and Westlife.
  • As afformentioned Wes was in the first season of the soap opera web series "Breaking Point" where he played Tate Kelly, one of the main character's son.
  • In an upcoming short film called "The Zelda Project: Final battle" that will be released sometime during 2015 Wes will be playing the role of Link.
  • In WET & WILD OBSTACLE COURSE, is revealed that Wes is allergic to bananas.
  • Wes is from Ohio.
  • He started working with Smosh Games on October 31st, 2012. However he wasn't featured in a video until 24th July 2013, when he appeared in the Cage Match Challenge video "Chivalry & Paintball Punishment".
  • It has also become evident that he loves candy and chocolate.
  • Other Smosh Games members sometimes call him an "8 year old trapped inside an adult body".
  • It was revealed in TREADMILL RACE that Wes has asthma. Joven and Sohinki call him a nerd for carrying his inhaler in "HARRY POTTER IN REAL LIFE".
  • Classic Smosh Games lines about Wes are, "Wes ruins everything," and "Wes is a pretty girl."
  • He had a henna tattoo on his right arm in "YET ANOTHER NIGHT AT FREDDIE'S". It has since worn off.
  • As revealed in CUT THE ROPE ON A ROPE , Wes weighs 200 pounds.
  • Revealed by himself in the DIZZY HYPNO CHALLENGE, Wes has ADHD.
  • As hinted at by Matt Raub in DRUNK, STONED, OR STUPID (Bonus Vlogs) , Wes is the youngest of the six Smosh Games hosts.
  • In the first episode of Smosh Summer Games: Camp, after the dodgeball game, Shayne says that Wes throws actual meteors.
  • In BLOWDART PUNISHMENTS IN THE CULLING, Wes commented that he "has no sense of smell."
  • In a live stream, Wes revealed that he found his red leather jacket at the office and then took it home.
  • Wes is the only member of Smosh who hasn't won any Smosh Games
    Wes throws meteors

    Wes throws actual meteors

  • Wes has been referred by the fans to be The "Younger Brother" of the Winter Soldier in the first episode of Smosh Summer Games: Camp
  • Shayne has said that Wes tried to kill him with Comets. That he throws actual meteors.
  • Wes likes tuna.
  • In "EXTREME PRESENT HUNTING! (Maricraft: ChristmasCraft Pt 2)" Mari says that he does not like potatoes (He agrees), but if in a survival situation he would eat them.
  • There is a chance his real name is actually Jonathan, as revealed in the Board AF episode, "DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS"