Wes Johnson
Wes (2017 headshot)


Wesley Alan Johnson




May 23, 1988 (age 30)






WesTheEditor, Pretty Girl, The Winter Soldier, Man-child, the GGG (Gay German Gamer), Skullknight101, The Big Guy, Wesirl, Jonathan, The Incredible Mr ?, Western Theditor (by Damien)

Years Active

2014-Present (WesTheEditor)
2014-Present (Smosh Games)

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Taylor Bloxham (Girlfriend)


Trenton Johnson (brother)
Brenden Johnson (brother)
Four unnamed siblings

Wesley Alan Johnson (born May 23, 1988), most commonly known as Wes or WesTheEditor, is an American YouTuber and member of Smosh Games. He was added as a new member along with Flitz in the video New Smosh Games Members?. Wes also has his own channel (WesTheEditor) based on video games and other vlogs. As of June 2018, he has over 126,100 subscribers.

Personal Life

Wes enjoys cosplaying and gaming. He also posts videos on a personal channel. Wes started acting on YouTube first in "Breaking Point" as the role of Tate Kelly and has been in acclaimed films such as "Nazis at the Center of the Earth." He is also a member of Smosh Games and appears on many Grand Theft Smosh, Maricraft, Gamebang, Cell Outs and Friendly Fire videos. He currently has more than 125,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel. He is one of the most recent additions to Smosh Games.

Wes dated actress Isabelle Lynn from 2014 until early 2018. They had been engaged since August 5, 2016. Their relationship ended for unknown reasons.

In June 2018, it was confirmed that Wes began dating cosplayer Taylor Bloxham (@rolyatistaylor) whom he met at Fanexpo. Taylor had confirmed this herself as well as Boze on a livestream. They are seen together in many photos on their own social medias as well as on Wes's brother's Instagram where he calls them all a "crazy family."



Wes, Mari, Lasercorn and Flitz with a crowd of fans in Trafalgar Square, London

  • Wes's hair has been a running joke since he first began appearing in Smosh Games videos. His hair grew steadily longer from his first appearance, and in 2016 it was longer than any other male member of the Smosh Family.
    • His feminine appearance (combined with his childish behavior) inspired the hashtag #wesisaprettygirl, which endures to this day, and his long hair was often made fun of by the Smosh cast and staff.
    • In early 2017, Wes cut his hair much shorter, changed from a center parting to a side parting, and dyed it silver. Despite this drastic change, he was still taunted about his hair, with other cast members joking that he is aging prematurely, and that he still needs a haircut.
    • As of 2018, Wes's hair is pale grey, spawning the new joke that Wes is unnaturally pale, to the extent that he is 'absent of all melanin'[1]. In a Maricraft video, Wes himself noted that he 'looked super blown out... like a ghost'.
  • Shayne believes that Wes is a broken Terminator who just wanted to eat candy and play video games[2].
  • It was revealed in SMOSH SECRETS REVEALED that he was in the 99th percentile for the SATs in school (meaning he got a higher score than 99% of other participants).
  • Wes is notable for his giant size, being currently the tallest member in both Smosh and Smosh Games, and by definition the biggest.
    • As revealed in one of Wes’ facebook posts, Wes weighs 183 pounds.
  • In HOW TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE it was revealed that Jovenshire once lived with him, although Joven has since moved into a place of his own.
    •    In the same video, it is revealed that Wes owns multiple weapons (according to Joven, he owns an 9mm, a Magnum, shotguns, a rifle and several knives).
  • In the video WET AND WILD OBSTACLE COURSE and during Smosh Winter Games 2017, it was revealed that Wes is allergic to bananas. The nature of his allergy is unknown, but is implied to have severe consequences.
  • Wes is a "semi-professional paintballer". This was mentioned by Lasercorn in Chivalry & Paintball Punishment, which was also Wes's first official Smosh Games appearance.
  • One of Wes's main defining traits within the Smosh Family is his extreme love of candy, implied to be more like an obsession.
    • He is notably extremely fond of chocolate, donuts, ice cream and milkshakes.
    • In an episode of The Show With No Name, Wes revealed that the most sugar he has consumed in one sitting consisted of twelve donuts and a sixty-four-ounce milkshake.
  • Another of Wes's defining traits is his childish and optimistic personality, to the extent that he has been described as 'annoyingly happy all the time'. Other Smosh Games members sometimes call him "an eight-year-old trapped inside an adult body".
    • At various other points, he has been referred to as being mentally either five, seven, ten or twelve years old.
    • In the first part of OUR WEIRD SECRETS EXPOSED, Boze tells Wes to 'grow up', to which Wes responds, 'I refuse!'
  • In some videos on his personal channel, Wes has shown that he can do a wide variety of accents and is seen to be particularly good at doing a British accent and a German accent, and can also do a decent Russian accent.
    • His German accent alias is known as the GGG (Gay German Gamer).
    • Besides foreign accents, Wes is able to do a very accurate Donald Duck impression, which he demonstrated in the Game Bang special of the Try Not To Laugh Challenge.
  • According to one of his Q&A videos on his personal channel, as a child Wes wanted to be an actual spy, and he stated that he could have chosen that career path if he wasn't a family-oriented guy.
  • It was revealed in COMIC CON BREAKFAST that he is in fact a good cook. His 'specialty' is chocolate chip pancakes, which he has been seen making on multiple occasions
  • He does not have a regular streaming schedule.
  • He loves kids and hopes to be a good father when he has them.
  • Wes is the oldest of seven children.
    • He has a much younger brother named Trenton, who goes by Trent, who has been featured in an episode of Grand Theft Smosh offscreen. He also had an onscreen appearance on Wes's personal channel, when Wes and Trent played Halo 2 together[3]. There is known to be an age gap of roughly thirteen years between the two.
    • Wes has another younger brother named Brenden[4], who has a YouTube channel specialising in fitness[5]. In 2018, Brenden was featured alongside Wes on The Damien & Shayne Show, where he partook in several Fortnite-related videos, including a blindfolded Fortnite challenge and a brain-freeze Fortnite challenge.
    • Wes has stated that his love for children stemmed from "helping to raise lots of little siblings", and would like to be remembered for doing something charitable for unfortunate kids.
  • Wes is frequently mocked for his love of Link from the Legend of Zelda series, originating from his Link cosplay. His Amiibo is named Dark Link (Link with the Shadow Link color), for which even Davis from The Warp Zone mocked him.
  • In a 2016 MariCraft video, it was revealed that his middle name is Alan. Mari screamed "Allllllllaaaaaannn" to announce this, referencing a dated meme.
  • In Dirty Secrets in Adult Loaded Questions, it is revealed that Wes's writing is messy, as Flitz calls it chicken scratch.
  • He loves explosions a lot.
  • In MARIO PARTY 10 w/ SMOSH KEITH & WES (SGA Live) Wes reveals that he used to be in Men's Chorus and actually has an admirable singing voice, thanks to his mother who always made him sing when he was younger. He demonstrated his talent by singing a part of the song "You Raise Me Up", made famous by acts such as Josh Groban and Westlife.
    • During the episode, Flitz mentioned that Mari had described Wes as having a changed demeanor while singing, an observation he agreed with after hearing Wes sing. Wes's singing voice is deeper than his speaking voice, and his posture and facial expressions change noticeably.
  • As aforementioned, Wes was in the first season of the soap opera web series "Breaking Point", where he played Tate Kelly, one of the main character's sons.
  • In an upcoming short film called "The Zelda Project: Final battle" that will be released sometime during 2015, Wes will be playing the role of Link.
  • Wes is from Ohio, along with Lasercorn and Keith.
  • He started working with Smosh Games on October 31st, 2012. However he wasn't featured in a video until 24th July 2013, when he appeared in the Cage Match Challenge punishment video, Chivalry & Paintball Punishment.
  • It was revealed in TREADMILL RACE that Wes has asthma. Joven and Sohinki call him a "nerd" for carrying his inhaler in "HARRY POTTER IN REAL LIFE".
  • Besides #wesisaprettygirl, classic Smosh Games hashtags about Wes include #wesruinseverything and #wescuses, coined from his habit of unintentionally sabotaging various activities he partakes in and making multiple excuses after doing so.
  • He had a henna tattoo on his right arm in "YET ANOTHER NIGHT AT FREDDY'S". It has since worn off.
  • Revealed by himself in the DIZZY HYPNO CHALLENGE, Wes has ADHD.
  • As hinted at by Matt Raub in DRUNK, STONED, OR STUPID (Bonus Vlogs) , Wes is the youngest of the six original Smosh Games hosts.
  • Despite describing himself as unathletic, Wes has an impressive amount of natural strength, and has been dubbed a 'heavyweight' by several other Smosh cast members.
    • In the first episode of "Smosh Summer Games: Camp", after the dodgeball game, Shayne stated that Wes throws "actual meteors", hinting that he has a strong throwing arm.
      Wes throws meteors

      Wes throwing actual meteors

    • In the same episode, after being picked to be on Anthony's team, he successfully managed to not only lift Anthony and all three of his previously-chosen teammates off the ground at the same time, but to appear to do so with ease.
  • In BLOWDART PUNISHMENTS IN THE CULLING, Wes commented that he "has no sense of smell."
  • In a live stream, Wes revealed that he found his red leather jacket at the office and then took it home.
  • Prior to Smosh Summer Games 2018,Wes was the only Smosh member who had not yet won any Smosh Season Games competitions.
    • His inability to win had inspired the hashtag #wesiscursed, coined during Summer Games 2017.
  • Prior to cutting and dying his hair, Wes was referred to by the fans as the "younger brother" of the Winter Soldier in the first episode of "Smosh Summer Games: Camp".
    • After he began to style his hair differently, Wes has sometimes been compared to Quicksilver, another Marvel superhero.
  • Wes likes tuna and turkey.
  • In "EXTREME PRESENT HUNTING! (Maricraft: ChristmasCraft Pt 2)" Mari says that he does not like potatoes (which he confirmed), but if the matter of his survival was at hand, he would eat them.
  • According to himself in "SAVED BY THE BELL IN REAL LIFE (Board AF)" he was a dorky nerd in high school and according to Boze in the same episode he had a black girlfriend.
  • There is a chance his real name is actually Jonathan, as revealed in the Board AF episode, "DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS".
    • However, it could also be a joke referring to his Minecraft character in the Block of Love and Hero House series, whose name was originally stated to be Jonathan prior to its constant changes.