We Suck At Drawing! is the 151th installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on August 14, 2015 on both and YouTube.


Jovenshire, Mari, Wes, Sohinki, Lasercorn and Flitz test their drawing abilities in Drawful.


The three highest scoring players will appropriate a photo of the three lowest scoring players and upload it to their Instagram accounts.


  • 1st place: Lasercorn (14500 pts)
  • 2nd place: Flitz (10500 pts)
  • 3rd place: Jovenshire (9500 pts)
  • =4th place: Mari (8000 pts)
  • =4th place: Wes (8000 pts)
  • Last place: Sohinki (4500 pts)


  • In the punishment, Lasercorn uploaded to Sohinki's Instagram, Flitz to Mari's and Jovenshire to Wes's.
  • Sohinki claimed he had a right to victory as he received the most likes in the game (9), but he was still counted as a loser on points.
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