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August 2, 2013 (Smosh)
August 3, 2013 (El Smosh)

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I-Dawg, A-Dizzle, janitor, teacher, bully, dancing girl, teacher, doctor

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We Rule High School is a Smosh video uploaded on August 2nd, 2013.


While in high school, Ian and Anthony were in charge of creating a video teaching incoming freshman helpful tips about high school. They thought they did a pretty awesome job.


Ian and Anthony sing a song to help incoming freshmen in high school. They sing about how fun it is to get into high school. Though everything they sing is opposite of what should be done to realistically make it through high school.

At the end, Anthony interrupted Ian from singing to prevent people seeing Ian singing the boner part. Ian thought they could do something with that part, but Anthony didn't like it because he thinks the freshmen will think that they are losers and cuts off the camera.


Uh, what up freshmen?!
All the freshmen in the house say yeah!
I said all the freshmen in the house say yeah!
Uh uh, here we go!
High school is pretty crap
So we're gonna teach you with this hecka cool rap
How to get through your first year in school
And how to be like us and be super cool!

If you wanna be cool you gotta get to school late.
Cool guys always show up to school late.
The teacher might smack you and player hate
But don't worry bro, you can hit her with a tate-ertot.
Tater tots are great weapons and great food.
Put them in your pocket for lunchtime; dude.
But they get your pocket all hecka greasy.
Cafeteria pizza will make you queasy.

Being a freshmen is totally fresh, man.
Ditch class, punch bullies, throw them in a trashcan.
If a teacher tries to fail you, don't get mad.
Just go home and bitch about it to your dad.

There isn't such thing as being bullied.
That's just called "being a bitch".
Step up to the bully, grab his balls,
And give them a great big pinch.
I once pinched a bully's balls so hard
They fell on the ground.
He cried like a big, dumb baby as I kicked them all around.
His doctors tried to sew his balls back on; but they just couldn't do it
'Cause I broke into the operating room, grabbed his sack, and I threw it
Into his mom's mouth!

Being a freshmen is totally fresh, man.
Ditch class, punch bullies, throw them in a trashcan.
If a teacher tries to fail you, don't get mad.
Just go home and bitch about it to your dad.

Doing good in class and paying attention is for losers.
I do good grammar and all I do is stare at teachers' hooters.
But I still get A's in every class.
Wanna know how 'cause I ch-ch-ch-ch-cheat.
Let us show you now!
You hide in a plant for a couple of hours 'til everyone's gone away,
Then you sneak to the computer; use cool hacks and change all your grades.
Just watch out for the big janitor that comes at night.
Try blinding him with you big flashlight,
Then beat him to death with a big chalk stick and kick him repeatedly in his big long-

Being a freshmen is totally fresh, man.
Ditch class, punch bullies, throw them in a trashcan.
If a teacher tries to fail you, don't get mad.
Just go home and bitch about it to your dad.
Being a freshmen is totally fresh, man.
Ditch class, punch bullies, throw them in a trashcan.
If a teacher tries to fail you, don't get mad.
Just go home and bitch about it to your dad.

High school is not a place for f-f-f-f-fun.
It's a place for making out with chicks and scoring digits son.
Never do homework and always ditch!
And that's how you survive high school bitch!


And when you're in your locker room,
Make sure you wear a really long shirt
Or else you'll get a boner and everyone will...
(the last three lines are just extras to the song)



  • This song was sung at VidCon 2013 before the video was posted.
  • This is Smosh's third music video of 2013, with the first two being Driver's Ed Crap Rap and Dixon Cider.
  • Anthony seemed to arrive at school at eight--eleven instead of eight o' clock.
  • The school Ian and Anthony were in looked liked an elementary school due to posters like the alphabet and a "job chart" on the wall.
  • There is no link to download the song on iTunes in the description of the video. Random reasons would be for promotion of the new Smosh Magazine and/or the Food Battle: The Game Indiegogo campaign
    • You can download the song at this link here
  • This video is similar to Four Years Foreplay and Driver's Ed Crap Rap.
  • If Ian and Anthony were in High School, they would've looked like how they looked in THAT'S HOT!.
  • During the year Ian and Anthony were at high school, a computer wouldn't look that modernized until 2010 or so.
  • Ian and Anthony look similar to how they did in Driver's Ed Crap Rap, though in that video they were playing I-Dawg and A-Dizzle, the Gangstas.
  • The janitor appears to be mopping a chair.
  • Visibly seen in the part where Anthony "pukes", you can see someone (later revealed to be Ian) holding a tank behind him as he holds a clear tube behind his cheek.
  • "Hacks" and "Successful" were spelled wrong in the computer, as "Hax" and "Sucsesfull". The last "L" in the misspelled "sucessful" was hand written.
  • The line and kick him repeatedly in his big long... may continue with the word "dick" so as to rhyme with "chalkstick". However, "dick" is a bad word so this is a rare case that this word is censored.
  • The point where Tater Tots are shown in a pocket is possibly a reference to the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Shut Up! Opening

Ugh! Is Freshmen Friday real? SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing, but please uh forget that Ian said the boner part; we're not losers, okay?



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