We Lose Our Minds in Portal 2 is the 115th installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 5th December 2014 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew race through a Portal map.


Whoever comes in last place in the race gets a cake to the face.

Final Score

  • 1st place: Sohinki
  • 2nd place: Anthony
  • 3rd place: Lasercorn
  • 4th place: Mari
  • 5th place: Flitz
  • Last place: Jovenshire


  • Due to the rage he experienced in the previous Portal Game Bang, Ian declined to contest this Game Bang and instead spectated. Flitz took his place.
    • This would make him the second person to not contest in a Game Bang even though he appears in the episode and on the sideline. The first being Flitz.
  • This was Jovenshire's sixth individual loss, this episode tied him with Mari for the most individual losses.

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