We Fit In Holes is the thirty-second installment for the SmoshGames series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 3rd May 2013 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play a game called Hole in the Wall, based on a US TV show of the same name (which was actually an adaptation of a Japanese TV show).


Members from the lowest scoring team has to play together as a one person in single player mode while being tied together.


Team Ianshire

  • Round 1: 50,086
  • Round 2: 32,198
  • Round 3: 47,630
  • Final round: 56,925
  • SCORE: 186,839

Team Marhinki

  • Round 1: 45,724
  • Round 2: 46,115
  • Round 3: 42,910
  • Final round: 71,242
  • SCORE: 205,991

Team Antcorn

  • Round 1: 54,338
  • Round 2: 39,023
  • Round 3: 51,134
  • Final round: 56,542
  • SCORE: 201,037


  1. Team Marhinki - 205,991
  2. Team Antcorn - 201,037
  3. Team Ianshire - 186,839


  • For the first time in Game Bang teams were chosen randomly. In the video, everyone span around with their eyes closed and the first person they bumped into became their teammate.
  • Lasercorn stated that the reason why Mari and Sohinki won was because of them being the shortest members of Smosh Games.
  • The team arrangement for this episode was exactly the same as Mario Tennis Throwback. This is the second time a team arrangement has been repeated.

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