We Can Accomplish the Impossible is the fifty-second installment in the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on September 13, 2013 on and on 20th September 2013 on YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew play The Impossible Game.


Whichever person that doesn't finish the first level within 5 minutes will have to do saltine challenge (eating 6 saltines in 1 minute).


  • Lasercorn - FAIL
  • Jovenshire - FAIL
  • Ian - FAIL
  • Sohinki - FAIL
  • Mari - FAIL
  • Anthony - FAIL (but got the farthest)


  • It's the first (and so far only) Game Bang that no one won but everybody lost.
  • This video was released as "They Say It's Impossible" originally on but was renamed on YouTube.
    • The new title is somewhat ironic since no one accomplished even the first level of the game.
  • This is the third video where the turn order moved Anti-clockwise instead of clockwise.
  • Despite Anthony being the next player along from Sohinki, his turn was played AFTER Mari's. It could be assumed that this was intentional because Anthony got further than anyone else, this is evidenced in the sudden jump in editing after Sohinki's turn
  • This was Mari's 6th consecutive loss at the time, she had surpassed her own previous record of 5 in this episode.

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