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We Are Not the Deadliest Warriors is the forty-ninth installment in the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 23rd August 2013 on and on 30th August 2013 on YouTube.


The Smosh Games crew have yet another fight to the death playing Deadliest Warriors.


Any players that get less than three wins (the pretty pacifists) would be hit with pillows by players with three wins or more (the deadliest warriors)

Warriors usedEdit


Round 1Edit

  • Lasercorn vs. Ian
  • Mari vs. Sohinki
  • Anthony vs. Ian

Round 2Edit

  • Lasercorn vs. Jovenshire
  • Anthony vs. Sohinki
  • Mari vs. Jovenshire

Round 3Edit

  • Sohinki vs. Ian
  • Mari vs. Lasercorn
  • Ian vs. Jovenshire

Round 4Edit

  • Sohinki vs. Lasercorn
  • Anthony vs. Jovenshire
  • Mari vs. Ian

Round 5Edit

  • Jovenshire vs. Sohinki
  • Lasercorn vs. Anthony
  • Mari vs. Anthony


  • Winners: Lasercorn (5W, 0L), Ian (3W, 2L) and Jovenshire (3W, 2L)
  • Losers: Anthony (2W, 3L), Sohinki (2W, 3L) and Mari (0W, 5L)


  • In this episode Mari overtook Jovenshire for most losses.
  • A little fun fact that the 3 winners were the original condor team while the 3 losers were the super condor team. 
  • Mari stated that she hated this game.
  • The only matches that actually happened similar to the TV series of the game are the Spartan Vs. Ninja and Spartan Vs. Samurai
    • Coincidentally, the Spartan won against both the Ninja and the Samurai similar to his outcomes in the TV show.

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