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(Ian is playing a video game on the Xbox 360 and Anthony comes along)

Anthony: Dude, check out what I got.

Ian: What?

Anthony: It's this new thing that literally transports you into any game.

Ian: Holy bomb-barkers-balls! So it's just like movie Avatar?

Anthony: I was thinking more like The Matrix.

Ian: Never heard of it. So anyway we can put ourselves into any game like Xtreme Beach Volleyball? (shows the cover of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2)

Anthony: Do you seriously bring that with you everywhere you go? Look, I was just thinking that we'd play something like Mario. (Shows the deluxe disk for Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, but covers Duck Hunt)

In World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.

(Ian and Anthony are in the game without Mario)

Ian and Anthony: Woaoaoaoaoaoah!

Anthony: Come on! (Runs to a "?" Block and punches it to reveal a coin)

Ian: Oh, let me try that! (Runs to the same block, punches it, and hurts himself) Ow!

Anthony: Pahaha!

(Ian starts to get back up and notices the first Goomba in the game)


(Anthony jumped on the line of blocks)

Ian: DUDE, HELP! HELP! WHAT DO I DO?! (Runs away to the left) HELP! NO, NO GAME! NO, NO PLEASE! (Jumps to the "?" Block near Anthony got the coin) (exhales heavily) That was a close one.

(Anthony giggled a little, punched the "?" Block hovering over the line to let Super Mushroom come only to become Super Anthony by getting taller)

Super Anthony: Awhahaha.

Ian: (jumps to Anthony) Dude, what the hell?! I want to be big!

Super Anthony: Well there's another mushroom up ahead. Go get it yourself.

Ian: Fine! (passes to the "?" Block ahead of the hidden block, punches it to reveal a Super Mushroom, and chases it) Aw, I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna... (screams and falls off a cliff)

Super Anthony: Plahahaha!

Ian: (comes back to life) Oh, oh come on! That wasn't my fault, these game's controls really screwed me up!

Super Anthony: Right? Just try to keep up.

(Anthony bounced on the Goomba and jumped over a pipe)

Ian: Well that's a cool cloud (falls off a cliff) AHAHAH!

(Anthony got to the first Brick Block with a lot of coins in it and kept on punching it)

Super Anthony: Ah. Got ya, got ya, got ya, got ya.

Ian: Maybe if I do the spits (jumps over the cliff but lands on the side of a Goomba) Sh--!

Fire Anthony: Fireball! Fireball!

Ian: Anthony, it won't let me go backwards!

(Fire Anthony punch the "?" block with Starman in it)

Fire Anthony: Eh.

Ian: (kicks the Goombas) No! Get away!

(Anthony touches Starman and becomes invincible)

Invincible Fire Anthony: Ahhahaha! I'm invincible; bitch!

Ian: Anthony, what the frick?!

Invincible Fire Anthony: (Runs over enemies) I'm gonna destroy everything! Hahaha!

Ian: (Runs backwards) I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH!

Anthony: Haha!

(Anthony punches the last "?" Block in the level while Ian comes out of the last pipe in the level)

Anthony: Gah!

Ian: Stop! (Runs to Anthony) What's with all this mindless destruction man? We've forced our way in, we're destroying this place brick by brick, and we're robbing them out of their hard earned coins. What's become of us man? What's happened to our, humanity?

Second Goomba in the level: What did we ever do to you man?

Last Goomba in the level: Mama? Where's my mama?

(Anthony at first mourned about what Ian said and the Goombas, but then felt it was unnecessary)

Anthony: Screw that! (Kills the two Goombas with one jump) Ha, ha!

Last Goomba: Theh!

Ian: Oh, oh. (Steps on the blood of the Goombas) Ah, ah. Gross blood. Ah, ew. Sorry you guys are dead.

(Ian and Anthony run to the top step near the flag pole)

Anthony: There it is!(Point's at flag)allright so it's really important that you sprint and jump at just the right time to get the flag.

Ian: Yeah, Whatever! (Pushes anthony) Wwwweeeeeeeeeee! (Falls on ground) AHH! I broke my beautiful legs! It's OK, my sweet-- (Showed blood squirting out) Ow!

Anthony: Idiot! This is how it's done! (Jumps) AAHHHHHHH!(Gets cut by the pole)UHHGGGGGGGGGGG!

Ian: Uhhhhh... So now you want to play extrme beach vollyball?

Anthony:F**K YEAH!

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