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January 25, 2013 (Smosh)
January 27, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Goombas, Koopa Troopas

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We're in Super Mario! is the fourth episode of Season 2013 of Smosh that was uploaded on January 25th, 2013. It is the most viewed video of Season 2013.


When Ian and Anthony finds a device that can teleport them to any video game world, they teleported to the land of Super Mario! 


When Ian is playing a video game on the Xbox 360, Anthony comes along to show Ian that he got a thing that can transport both of them to any video games. Ian is surprised, thinking it was like the movie Avatar, towhich Anthony disagrees, thinking it was more like The Matrix, even though Ian didn't know about it. Ian asks that they in any game like Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, but he wants to be in the beach volleyball game. Anthony asks if Ian brings that game everywhere he goes and he asks if they can transport to Super Mario Bros.

At World 1-1 in the game, Ian and Anthony are surprised about and Anthony wants Ian to follow him. Anthony jumps on the first "?" block and he gets a coin. Ian wants to try, but as soon as he jumped, he hurt his head, which made Anthony laugh at him. When Ian started to come back up, he sees the Goomba and warns Anthony. Anthony avoided the Goomba jumping up the line of blocks. Ian complain that he wanted help and tried to run away in the opposite direction, but made a decision to jump on the block Anthony got his coin feeling relieved, but Anthony thought Ian was stupid. After Anthony punched a "?" block giving him a Super Mushroom that made him taller, Ian jumped on the lined blocks and complained since he wanted to be big. Anthony pointed to Ian where the next "?" Block was for the next Super Mushroom and tells him to get it by himself. Ian did go to the next "?" Block and punch it to get a Super Mushroom, but while he was chasing it. He ran to a cliff and killed himself making Anthony laugh. As soon as Ian came back to life on the lined blocks, Ian said that it wasn't his fault and that the controls screwed him up which Anthony disagreed mentally and when their was 100 seconds to beat the stage Anthony said to try to keep up with him.

At that time, when Anthony bounced on the first Goomba between the second and third pipes to reach the pipe on the right, Ian got distracted by a cloud and fell off the same cliff. When Anthony was getting coins by punching a Brick Block that gives a lot of coins, Ian was trying to jump by doing a split, but when he reached the other side, he touch a Goomba on the side of his head and died. When Anthony was throwing fireballs at the Goombas after getting the Fire Flower, Ian tries to move the screen to the left, but he backwards to avoid the Goombas. When Anthony punch the "?" block that revealed Starman, Ian started kicking the Goombas away from him. When Anthony touched the star and became invincible which is commented about it. Ian is standing at the top of the first "?" block trying to avoid the crowd of enemies below him wanting Anthony's help. When Anthony was invincible, he was just running and killing enemies that got in his way, Ian tries to run backwards while hating the game.

When Anthony punch the last "?" block revealing a coin, Ian came out of the last underground passage in the level and started to stop Anthony and tell him about the mindless destruction he's causing. He said that they entered the game, destroyed the place brick by brick, and are robbing them out of their hard-earned coins asking Anthony about what happened to their humanity. The second last Goomba in the level asked Anthony about what they ever done to him and the last Goomba in the level wonder where his mama. Anthony starts to get ashamed at first, but then he doesn't care and he jumps on the two Goombas with one jump, killing them while showing blood. Ian starts to catch up to Anthony and he felt grossed out because he was stepping on blood, but he apologizes to the Goombas for their death.

At the last step near the flag pole of the level, Ian and Anthony found the pole and Anthony tells Ian it's very important to sprint and jump at the right time to reach the top of the pole, but Ian ignores him, starts to jump, and starts bleeding his legs while also sprang it for landing badly trying to treat them well. Anthony shows Ian how it is done jumping at the right pace at the time, but also positioned wrong by landing on the flag pole with his back, impaling himself and covering the flagpole with blood. Ian asked Anthony if he wanted to play Xtreme Beach Volleyball in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 which Anthony said, "F**K YEAH!"

The screen is covered in black with words that say, "Ian and Anthony played Xtreme Beach Volleyball and lived happily ever after."


We're in Super Mario!/Script

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A plumber is saving the world? That's so dumb, you know what I'm saying? SHUT UP!

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Click the subscribe button and get a 1-Up! See you later, I got to go save the princess, so she can just get kidnapped again, and then we'll make 500 million more games! BYE!


  • The Super Mushroom was in the "?" block after on the left side of the block line near the first Goomba. Anthony got the mushroom from the "?" block hovering over the line.
  • If you listen closely to the game Ian is playing in the beginning, you can hear GLaDOS talking and shots being fired from the Portal gun, implying that Ian is playing Portal or Portal 2.
  • In the beginning, when Ian is playing video games, he is in the Smosh Games studio.
  • It's revealed in the extras that Anthony was holding a double game cartridge which contained Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt
  • Anthony would've been dead since he was impaled, but when he yelled "F*** Yeah!", meaning that he was alive and it doesn't count as a death for the year 2013.
  • If Anthony was almost the same height as Ian near the end, he could have touched an enemy, or Ian touched a Super Mushroom.
  • Goombas represent a fungi called "shiitake (lentinula edodes)" which do not have blood in them.
  • The coins weren't hard earned for the enemies since the coins could be Toads that were turned into coins with the Koopas dark magic like the blocks.
  • If you look closely, the game Ian says "Extreme Beach Volleyball" is the title in the game that says "Dead or Alive 2", which is a real Xbox 360 game.
  • At 0:11, 0:16, 0:22, 0:25, and 0:32, a dancing Pikachu figurine is seen in the background.



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