May 30, 2014 (Smosh)
June 1, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, mailman, old man, Stevie, bikini girl

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Ian and Anthony did too many special effects and now we're stuck in SLOW MOTION!


In the house, Ian crosses off learning how to tie his shoes in his checklist. All of the sudden, Anthony comes up and shows Ian his sword he got from Etsy. Ian gets concerned about Anthony ruining his shelf of extremely fragile stuff. Anthony starts fooling around with Ian in slow motion until Anthony accidentally throws the sword and breaks the shelf. Ian thought it was the most awesome thing he has ever seen. Anthony asks if Ian wants to break some of Miley Cyrus' stolen furniture which he accepts.

Ian and Anthony break a pig figurine, clock, and vase with the sword.

Back in the house, Ian and Anthony start doing everything in slow motion. Ian comments about how awesome breaking Miley's furniture. Anthony realizes that everything is still slow. Ian notices too and thinks that they've done it for so long that they're stuck in slow motion. Anthony thinks it was Ian's fault, but he disagrees and slaps Anthony. Anthony slaps Ian back, but that just makes him complain about his ruined bowl haircut. Ian tries to punch him, but Anthony runs away from him.

The mailman (Ryan Todd) is delivering a package for Ian and Anthony. Ian signs his name but it takes too long so the mailman just gets bored, leaves, and throws the package upwards. Anthony catches it and throws the package at Ian so he continues chasing Anthony.

Ian gets a hose and tries to hit Anthony but instead hits a girl in a bikini which she leaves due to feeling insulted by them. Ian then pulls Anthony's man thong up to his shoulders. Anthony gets into his car and chases after Ian slowly. While this is happening Stevie (Ryan Todd) goes by on his scooter at normal speed. Ian gets hit by Anthony's car so Anthony gets out of his car to laugh but then he gets hit by a car. The man in the car (Tom Hart) gets out to see if they are all right but Ian and Anthony are stuck in fast motion now. Ian and Anthony sceam and the driver says "Freaking bathsalts!" and drives away.


We're Stuck in Slow Motion/Script


  • Ian and Anthony are in slow motion in 2012's I LOST MY HAIR! for a longer time than this video and return to normal motion just fine.
  • Ian's to-do list said the following:
    • Think about Jessica Alba's left boob.
    • Eat an alligator
    • Catch the Zodiac Killer
    • Learn how to tie my shoes
  • As Ian breaks the vase in slow motion, Anthony is rubbing Ian's hair.
  • This is Tom Hart's most recent appearance since "Taken 3 - TRAILER" where he played the old version of Bryan.
  • Again, Anthony's last name is mistaken as "Padildo" and Ian's last name is mistaken for "Hecocks" on the signature paper. These can easily be seen when Ian is signing.
  • A continuity error shows when Tom Hart's Honda Civic goes from a left-hand drive US model to a right-hand drive JDM model, driving on the left of the road previously from the right, and the white truck and houses are now on the left side.
  • Mario Kart 8 released on the same day this video was uploaded.
  • This is the first time someone else besides the Old Man says "Freaking Bath Salts!".
  • On Ian's shelf of extremely fragile stuff, the Smartypantz family picture from PLAYING WITH GUNS is on the top shelf
  • In the comments, many people thought the bikini girl in the thumbnail was Mari due to the similar facial look and hairstyle. But it was actually Raquel Perez, according to the cast roster in the description.
  • Anthony mentions that he bought the sword on a website called "Etsy", which is a website in real life.

Shut Up! Opening

(talks in slow motion) I'm talking in slow motion. SHUT UP!


Anthony Padilla as himself
Ian Hecox as himself
Ryan Todd as the Mailman and Stevie
Raquel Perez as hot girl
Tom Hart as the old man



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