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May 31, 2013 (Smosh)
June 2, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Bangs Boss, Jesús, beauty contestants, judge, janitor

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We're Stuck Together!!! is a Smosh video uploaded in May 31, 2013.


Ian and Anthony try to fuck a beauty pageant queen to get ten thousand dollars so they can be unstuck.


Anthony wakes up noticing he wasn't sleeping in his room and then sees someone else sleeping with him. He thinks he got lucky the night before and checks what the "girl's" feet look like to see if "she's" hot. He sees a hairy foot and doesn't care because he had seen worse. He tells "her" to wake up, but the "girl" was actually Ian and they both got scared at each other as they sat up at the exact same time. They try to separate themselves, but they're stuck together. Anthony asks what Ian did which he said that he did nothing. Anthony to retrace their steps and tried to remember the last thing he did.

Last night, Ian was singing Call Me Maybe in the video game Sing and then gets a call from Anthony. He tells Ian about the shooting stars out his window and told him to look. Ian looked out his window and didn't felt that amazed. Anthony told him to make a wish which Ian said that he was busy, but Anthony forcefully told him to make a wish. Ian said that he will and hanged up; however, he just continued singing. Anthony noticed that he doesn't see Ian much and wished they can be together.</span>

Ian starts slapping Anthony for making that wish even though Anthony thought the wish wasn't going to be interpreted that way. Ian reminds Anthony the number one rule in pre-school is that you shouldn't f**k with shooting stars but Anthony was making of fun of Ian for moving his lips like he's mimicking Ian. Anthony says that he knows that and also knows someone who can help.

Outside near a construction site, the Bangs Boss says that he can separate them for ten grand. Anthony says that they're broke and Ian says that his money tree hasn't sprouted money yet. The boss said that he can separate them if one of them doesn't mind dying. Even though Ian wanted Anthony to die, none of them wanted to die and decided to pay him ten grand. The boss thought that was good and called his mother on how to transport ten thousand McChicken Sandwiches. As they leave, Anthony asks how they can get that much money. Ian thought they can get sperm donors which Anthony agreed but doesn't think they can do it because they're attached to each other even though Ian thinks he can do it. All of the sudden, they caught a flyer for a beauty contest which the winner gets a ten thousand dollars prize. Ian thought it was ten hundred dollars as in a thousand dollars, but then read it correctly knowing it was ten thousand. Ian knows that they got it because they think they're beautiful; Anthony agreed thinking he his rock-hard-abs. Ian thanked Jesus for the flyer; but Jesús, the person giving out the flyers, said his actual name. Still, he welcomed them.

At the auditorium, the announcer welcomes the audience to the fifth annual beauty competition brought to the people by Boo's famous Crab Stew which Boo has crabs and wants to give them to the people. Ian talks to Anthony still smiling for the viewers that they're screwed due to their competitors. Anthony told Ian not to worry because of his abs which Ian remembered. The judge came up on stage saying the contest starts with three challenges which the first one being is the sexiest ab contest. He fires a gun to start the challenge. Anthony thought he would easily win, but the abs are actually drawn with black marker which the judge noticed it was fake; Ian and Anthony got their first loss.

The next challenge is brought to the people by Unicorn in the Jar which can be eaten to crap rainbows. Anthony thought the judge was jealous about his "abs". The judge moves to the second challenge which is a three-legged race to touch his haven't-been-shaved-for-at-least-five-years armpits. He fires a gun to start the challenge, but he shot part of the ceiling which fell on him. Ian and Anthony try to win the race, but they fell down and the competitors win. Ian hurt his leg bones and Anthony hurt his Labia. The competitors even got a pit bonus for touching his pits also giving Ian and Anthony another loss. Anthony thought they would win if Ian didn't suck at running and Ian thought they lost with the non existing abs that look like ball sacks. Anthony and Ian fight with each other pathetically and the judge thought the fight was good since he thought it was a cat fight. The fight was even played in slow motion. The judge announces the swimsuit challenge and told them to go find a sexy swimsuit right before he fired his gun. The gun killed a janitor which fell on the stage.

The swimsuit challenge is brought to the people by Robot Viagra where you shouldn't short circuit but should get down and work it. Even though the competitors wore sexy swimsuits, Ian and Anthony wore a pink bathing suit specially design for conjoined twins. They automatically win due to him thinking they have four boobs. Ian asks about their win which the judge explained that it is in the rule book that a person with four boobs is automatically a winner and thought those looked irresistible which Ian and Anthony both backed away.

Back outside, the boss orders something that is one inch long and four inches in circumference. Anthony and Ian come back giving them the money to separate them. The boss gets the ten thousand dollars and gives them something to unstick them which they should be unstuck in a couple of seconds. Anthony realized that they might have bickered,got into a lot of fights, and sit next to each other to take turns pooping; but turned out to be glad to spend a lot of time together which Ian agreed. Anthony smelled the substance and asked why it smells like Ian's mom which the boss said that he used glue removal to get unstuck since they were stuck with super glue and drinks the removal. Anthony didn't know about it, but Ian remembered about the glue.

Back last night, Ian wished for some super glue so he can glue himself to Anthony to use as a prank. He thinks it will be funny when Anthony thinks that they're stuck together and laughs.

Ian laughed again from the flashback which he almost forgot and asks if it was pretty funny. Anthony unsticks himself from Ian asking if the prank was serious. After that, they both start a cat fight again. The judge automatically came and told the boss that people love cat fights. The fight was even played in slow motion. The boss thought of something hot. The judge asked if it was Ian and Anthony's boobs, but the boss said it was the coffee he's spilling which is burning his flesh off of him which he hesitates.

Deleted Scene #1

When the Bangs Boss was calling his mom how to transport ten thousand McChicken Sandwiches. The mother said to get a big truck and a midget which the boss liked the solution and said good bye to her.

Deleted Scene #2

The Bangs Boss called his mom asking if was still there and said that he was a grower and not a shower. He also said that he was doing good.


We're FUCKED Together!!!/Script



  • Ian and Anthony sleep in the carved bed that Ian made in Sleeping Pill Disaster.
  • The guy Ian and Anthony ask to unseperate them is the same guy Anthony worked for in I LOST MY HAIR!. The guy also uses the Hamburger Phone from Taken 3 - TRAILER.
  • Ian's Ringtone is Dixon Cider.
  • Jesús is played by Ernesto Bustos, a regular Smosh extra. He also did the original Anthony Dub in El Smosh
  • The losses in the Beauty Contest are similar to the losses in Food Battle
  • The presenter at the beauty contest yells "FAKE!!" at Anthony's abs the same way Hugh Jasshol would.
  • Ian and Anthony would've lost anyway due to the fact that they lost the first two out of three challenges.
  • If Ian and Anthony did lose, there would be some way to find out that Ian superglued themselves together.
  • Labia is a female genitalia, which is impossible for Anthony to have since he's a male.
  • Whatever the boss was ordering that was 1 inch long and 4 inches in circumference, it's not a perfect circle since the circumference has to be about 3 inches.
  • Ian and Anthony weren't running at the same pace during the 3-Legged Race, which is the reason they lost
  • The slogan for Crab Stew sounds like Boo is giving STD since Crab is a type of STD.
  • It isn't possible for Ian and Anthony during the swimsuit contest to get the swimsuit on if they're stuck together.
  • On many occasions throughout the final scene, the boss drinks the glue remover.

Shut Up! Opening

I wish I had a twin so I can punch myself in the face. SHUT UP!

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Thanks for subscribing. Hey does anyone need testicle; I-I got-I got one. It's-It's in my-It's in my bag. Okay, I'm just gonna go eat it, bye.



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