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Washington's First Video Blog is a video created by Smosh. The video was originally for a Historical Society, but because of the video's inaccurate information, Smosh was banned by the Historians.


In 2006, Smosh was asked to make a video accurately recreating a diary of George Washington, which was thought to be the first blog in history.

When Smosh showed their video to the historians, they were immediately banned from the historical society, and the video was never seen again. Until now....


Anthony: Hey guys, it's Anthony and Ian here.

Ian: Howdy.

Anthony: And today we will be narrating this historical reenactment that we made of the first blog ever created by George Foreman.

Ian: George Washington.

Scene 1

George (played by Ian Hecox) is recording himself talking about random stuff when his roommate Thomas Jefferson(voiced by Anthony Padilla) tells him to take out the trash. Washington refuses to do so. Tom tells George that if he doesn't take out the trash, he won't let George pick up Sally on his horse. George still refuses, but then agrees to because Tom won't stop yelling at him.


Anthony: Yeah, So George made this blog in 1776, and most of the time, he's just bitching about things like every other blogger does.

Ian: His roommate was actually Thomas Jefferson. He was a dick!

Scene 2

While taking out the trash, George meets his friend, Benjamin Franklin (played by Anthony Padilla) , who gives him a high five. Benjamin asks how George's slaves are doing, and George tells him that he and his slave Berry, are like best friends. Berry asks George if he can have a break on Saturday because he had his kids, but George doesn't accept it. Ben says he's bored, and asks if George has any ideas. He says he has one, and then orders Berry to hold the camera and record. George goes in front of the camera, introduces himself, and announces that "this is jackass."


Anthony: Benjamin Franklin actually invented the high five.

Scene 3

George and Ben take turns kicking eachother in the nuts, tackling eachother to the ground, and stealing a guy's wig. The guy who's wig was stolen shoots George Washington. However, George survives, takes the bullet out of his abdomen, and kills the guy with it by throwing it at him.


Anthony: So this is the point where George Washington gets shot like in the finale of the O.C.

Ian: Sings random song.

Anthony: Dude, that's not the.....that's not even the right lyrics. Do you know the right lyrics?

Ian: Whatever, okay. Um....anyways, so George Washington pulls the bullet out of his abdomen, and kills the guy with it.

Anthony: And then a few minutes later, George gets a call from Paul Revere.

Scene 4

George answers the cell phone call, and from the other end Paul Revere screams out that the British are coming. As the British Army marches closer, Benjamin Franklin gives George the Sword of Excalibur. George then kills all the British Soldiers with the sword and is crowned the King of the USA.


Ian: And then, like, the entire British Army comes straight for him.

Anthony: Luckily, Benjamin Franklin gives him the sword of Excalibur, whatever the hell that is.

Ian: Dude, that's the sword that king Arthur pull out from a stone, because he's hella strong. Anyway, George Washington started shanking some hoes. And by hoes, I mean British soldiers.

Anthony: As soon as George Washington defeated the entire British army, he was crowned as the king of the Untied States of America.


Ian: And that's the story of George Washington's first video blog.

Anthony: Oh, and, he almost forgot to do one very important thing.


Benjamin Franklin asks George, "Didn't we have to do something important to do today?" George doesn't remember, so he asks Barry. Barry tells them that they have to sign the Declaration of Independence, and the video ends.



  • The reason why Smosh is banned from the historical society is due to the fact that the video has many historical inaccuracies.
  • Virginia is misspelled as "Virgina"
  • One of the British soldiers can be seen dancing in the background.
  • The bullethole is missing on Washington's jacket when he gets a call from Paul Revere.


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