Ian: Sorry someone strangled your mom, but at least you still have your dad.

Anthony: My mom is my dad!

(The mother woke up)

Ian: Seriously, guys?

Anthony: That's gotta be the worst twist ending ever.

Twist Ending # 1

Anthony: There's something I have to tell you.

Girlfriend: What?

Anthony: I love you.

Girlfriend: Oh Anthony. There's something I have to tell you.

Anthony: What?

Girlfriend: (changes to Anthony) I am you!

(the real Anthony gasps and gets scared)

Twist Ending # 2

Unknown drug dealer: Hehe. Stupid cops are never gonna catch us.

Tony: Yeah. We're the best drug dealers ever.

(the unknown drug dealer laughs)

Anous: (points out his gun) Stop right there!

Unknown drug dealer: How did you find us?

Anous: I had a man on the inside. Haha.

Unknown drug dealer: Tony?!

Anous: No, it was Frank.

(Tony takes out his mustache, Frank)


Frank: I made a promise to keep trash like you off the streets, no matter the cost.


Unknown drug dealer: What about me?!

Twist Ending # 3

Ian: Dear Santa, Please bring me a good gift this year, I've been such a good boy.

Santa: Hohoho.

(Ian runs to Santa)

In the living room

Ian: Santa Claus!

Santa: (turns around with a gun) Happy Kwanzaa motherf***er! (shoots Ian) Hahahahahaha!

Twist Ending # 4

Ian: Sorry about what happened to your mom, but at least you still have your midget robot.

Anthony: My mom is my midget robot!

Twist Ending # 5

Ian: I think if I was a girl, I'd just fondle my boobs all day.

Anthony: That's disgusting.

Ian: (transforms into a girl) Don't knock it till you try it, bro!

Twist Ending # 6

Ian: Alright, guys. (gives a drink to the black guy) Here is your regular and (gives a drink to Anthony) here is the diet.

Anthony: Thanks. (drinks the drink) THIS ISN'T DIET!

Black guy: (spits his drink) I GOT THE DIET! (pours drink at Ian)


Twist Ending # 7

Anthony: (thoughts) Hehe. Now that Ian's gone, I can finally enjoy one of his favorite cereals, heh. I wonder why it's called Ninja Grahams.

(Anthony gets startled by the ninja appearing in the box and the ninja slashes Anthony's arm off)

Anthony: (speaks out) AHAHAHAHAHAH!

Twist Ending # 8

Reporter: There's no word out on how we can defeat these aliens. We've transmitted...

Ian: (opens the door) I've discovered the aliens' weakness!

Anthony: What is it?

Ian: Bullets.

Twist Ending # 9

Anthony (thoughts): Now that stupid ninja's gone, I'm gonna enjoy one of his favorite drinks. (speaks gibberish and then looks at the mirror) Ninja Juice?

(the ninja sneaks up from behind and slashes Anthony)

Twist Ending # 10 (Deleted)

Ian (thoughts): Where am I?  I can't remember anything; must have amnesia.  Oh God; who's touching my penis?  Ah, phew; it's just me.  (giggles)  Awesome! (forgot again) Where am I?  I can't remember anything; must have amnesia.  Oh God, who's touching my penis?  Ah, phew; it's just me.  (giggles)  Awesome! (forgot again) Where am I?

Twist Ending # 11 (Deleted)

Death: You pay for the pain you have done to others.

Ian: Oh, no!  Oh God, no!  You got the date wrong.

Death: Son of a bitch!

Twist Ending # 12 (Deleted)

Ian: So you're saying the reason why I have amnesia and I'm always touching myself is because I think Anthony is better looking than me?

Predator: MMhmm.

Ian: Oh my god, you're totally right!  I've never felt such a connection to another human before! (sees the doctor is the Predator and gets scared)


Anthony: (wakes up heavily breathing) Oh, thank god all those stupid twist endings were just a dream. What, wha? (sees that he doesn't have any arms or legs) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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