Worst Twist Endings Ever
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March 18, 2011

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Anthony's Mother, Unidentified friends of Ian and Anthony

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WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER! is a Smosh video, uploaded on March 18, 2011.



Ian and Anthony are looking at a dead body of a woman and Ian tells Anthony, "Sorry that someone strangled your mom. But at least you still have your dad." However, Anthony tells Ian, "My mom is my dad!". The previously dead female turns around and is revealed to be a man wearing women's clothes. Ian and Anthony then comment on how that was the worst twist ending ever.

Twist Ending 1

Anthony is sitting on the couch, holding his girlfriend's hand. He says he has to tell her something. "I love you." His girlfriend says she has something that she needs to tell Anthony as well. When Anthony asks what, his girlfriend tells him that she is him. Anthony screams upon hearing the shocking news.

Twist Ending 2

A couple of drug dealers are playing in the cocaine they plan to sell, when Sgt. Anous comes in and tells them to "Stop right there!" One of the dealers asks how he found them, in which Anous responds, "I had a man on the inside." At first, the dealer who asked Sgt. Anous how he found them accuses Tony, the other drug dealer, but Anous says that it was Frank, Tony's mustache. Tony rips it off and asks, "How could you do this to me, Frank?" Frank responds, "I made a promise to keep trash like you off the streets, no matter the cost." Tony says that Frank is his only friend, in which the other drug dealer asks, "What about me?"

Twist Ending 3

Ian is praying to Santa to bring him a good gift for Christmas, saying he has been "such a good boy." He then hears someone say, "Ho ho ho" and heads to the living room. A man wearing a Santa suit is standing in front of the fireplace, and Ian exclaims, "Santa Claus!" The man turns around, and it is revealed that he's black. "Santa" yells, "Happy Kwanzaa, motherf***er!" and shoots Ian.

Twist Ending 4

Ian and Anthony are looking at a dead body of a woman, and Ian tells Anthony, "Sorry that someone strangled your mom. But at least you still have your midget robot." However, Anthony tells Ian, "My mom is my midget robot." The previously dead female turns out to be a midget robot, and the scene completely imitates that of the first twist ending, except this time, Anthony's mom turns out to be a midget robot.

Twist Ending 5

Ian and Anthony are sitting at a table, drinking water, when Ian says that if he was a girl, he'd just fondle his boobs all day. Anthony says that it's disgusting, but Ian, transformed into a girl, fondles his boobs while saying, "Don't knock it till you try it, bro!"

Twist Ending 6

Ian walks over to Anthony and his other friend and gives his black friend a regular soda and Anthony diet. However, after drinking, Anthony shouts, "This isn't diet!" and the black guy shouts, "I got the diet!" He throws his drink at Ian's face, and Ian shouts, "Oh my God, I'm blind!" Then a message shows: Ian went on to place 13th in the javelin competition at the Blind Olympics, and then died of childhood obesity.

Twist Ending 7

While Ian is away, Anthony is excited that he can finally eat Ian's favorite cereal. However, he questions why the cereal is called Ninja Grahams. Answering his question, a ninja then pops out of the box and cuts Anthony's arm off with a katana.

Twist Ending 8

Anthony is watching the news, which is saying that there's no way of defeating the aliens. Ian then comes in, covered in blood, and says that he discovered the aliens' weakness. When Anthony asks what is it, Ian answers, "Bullets."

Twist Ending 9

Anthony, with one of his arms cut off, is excited that the ninja is gone and is about to enjoy the ninja's favorite drink. He starts to question what the drink is even called, but his question is answered when he holds the cup up to a mirror. The cup reads, "Ninja juice." A ninja appears and slices Anthony with a katana, but it is not revealed until the end which part of him is cut off.

Deleted Scenes:

Twist Ending 10

Ian has amnesia and doesn't know he is touching his penis. When he found out, he thought it was awesome and gets amnesia again.

Twist Ending 11

Death was going to kill Ian for the pain he has done. He thought it was a problem because death got the date wrong on the tombstone. After death found his mistake, he said, "Son of a Bitch!"

Twist Ending 12

Ian thinks the reason he has amnesia and he is touching himself is because Anthony is more attractive than him. Ian was surprised of having a close connection to a human until he gets scared when he sees that the doctor was the Predator, a character from the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Anthony wakes up, relieved that "all those stupid twist endings" were all just a dream. However, he looks down and screams in horror when he finds out that all his limbs are cut off, suggesting that the twist endings were real.




Anthony Padilla as himself, drug dealer 1
Ian Hecox as himself, drug dealer, Sergeant Anous, Frank (voice), actor in alien movie (voice)
Holly Covell as Anthony's girlfriend
Michael Freeling as friend with diet soda
Jan Pearson as female Ian
Big Spence as Black Santa


  • The black Santa is seen again in REJECTED VIDEOS!
  • When the two drug dealers are playing with their cocaine, there is a smiley face drawn in it.
    • It is revealed in the extras that the "coke" is really just flour.
  • This is Sgt. Anous' fourth appearance since HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!
  • When Ian tells Anthony that the aliens' weakness is bullets, it sounds like he says "Mullets."
  • In the Ending, the Taco Bell dog appears next to Anthony's flailing nubs.
  • The Ninja Grahams is actually just a Honey Bunches of Oats Vanilla with decorations (see at 2:22).
  • The ninja juice is probably just a cup from Jamba Juice.
  • The tombstone in twist ending 11 comes from the episode Ian Gets Lucky when he dies.
  • The opening song appears to be Rebecca Black's hit song Friday. However, the lyrics sounded more like "fried eggs"
  • The scene were Ian told Anthony that the aliens weakness are bullets, it's actually a reference to the movie Signs where it's plot twist is that the aliens weakness is water

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