Worst ID Photo Ever
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August 10, 2012 (Smosh)
August 12, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, DMV Lady, Chicken eating guy, mail man

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WORST ID PHOTO EVER! is a Smosh video uploaded on August 10, 2012.


Anthony needs to get a new ID photo, but an incident involving the DMV Lady ruins his plans to get the photo.


When the mail man (Ian) came to deliver a package to Anthony, he mistakenly said Anthony's last name wrong by saying "Padildo". But Anthony corrects him by telling him that it's "Padilla". The mailman asks to see his ID, but once he sees the picture, he thinks Anthony's a puppy molester. Ian joins in and sees the picture. Both of them laugh at the picture and Anthony yells at them saying "You guys are dicks!" The Mailman takes out what's in the package, which is an EyePad (a Tampax pad) and puts it over his eyes. The deliveryman is delighted that that they work since he can't see anything. Anthony drives to the DMV to get his photo retaken, he tries to park in one space, until a lady(played by Ian) tries to park her bicycle in the space. When Anthony yells at the lady for parking in that space, she tells him to go park his car in a dumpster. Anthony says that it doesn't make sense, and the lady says that his hair doesn't make sense. Since no one makes fun of his hair, Anthony punches her and he goes into the DMV.

Anthony is then in the DMV, waiting in line to get his photo retaken. He asks the guy in front of him how long the line will take, the guy says it's only a coulple of minutes, but he has a bottomless bucket of chicken to keep him occupied. Six hours later, the guy has gotten noticably fatter as he finishes his turn and Anthony gets to the front of the line and was going to say he needed his photo retaken, but he said "I just need to change my PANTS!!!!!!!" since the lady he punched was the lady working at the DMV. She complains to Anthony about her job and she has to do something for him now. Anthony asks if she can change his photo, but she says that he has to retake his driver's test. Anthony asks why, and she answers: "Because all your sick puppy molesters are required to." Anthony says that he never molested a puppy, but the DMV lady asks him if he ever touched a puppy before without its permission. Anthony thinks that no one would ever do that, but the lady says she doesn't want to hear all of his gross molestations and such, so she tells him to retake his test and get out of her face.

In the Driver's Test line, the same chicken guy is in front of him. The chicken guy says that this line is super quick, but 6 more hours later, a girl runs out of the car crying because she failed, and the chicken guy is up next, appearing to be even fatter than before. But the chicken guy refuses, since he's so fat, he doesn't even fit in a car anymore due to all that chicken he's been eating. So Anthony's up next, only to see the DMV lady again in the driver's test vehicle as his instructor. Anthony says in his mind to drive normally, since he drives all the time. The lady says that she has one more thing: he has to do the whole test without molesting a puppy (or even touch the puppy) the lady pulled out from under the seat. The puppy is calling to Anthony to pet him. Anthony tries to fight the temptation, but he fails to resist and ends up petting it without permission (in the DMV lady's opinion, molesting it). The lady says that he failed since he molested the puppy, Anthony begs the lady that he'll do anything to get his test done to get his photo retaken, the lady says: "Anything?" and the camera zooms in and out of their faces

Anthony is then seen in his underwear (SpongeBob Boxers), and says to the lady that he doesn't think he can go through with the thing he's doing. The lady says that if he wants his license, he better start scrubbing. Then Anthony starts scrubbing, what the viewers think is the lady's private, but he's wiping down the lady's bike. It is seen that the mailman is having a date with the DMV lady. The mailman asks: "Why is he in his underwear?" the lady responds: "Why not?" The mailman responds: "True, this is the best first date ever!!" Anthony says "Huuh? with his mouth open before one of the bike pedals, the lady takes out a camera and catches Anthony "molesting" the bike (looks like Anthony eating a bike pedal).

When sitting on the couch with Ian, Anthony shows him his license, lan says that Anthony looks like a bike molester now. Anthony says: "Oh, SH*T" and throws his ID on the ground.

Alternate Scene

When Anthony was waiting in line for his drivers license, he asks the chicken eating guy if he liked putting drumsticks in his mouth.






  • The DMV Lady reappears from REJECTED MARIO GAMES (played by lan), this is the first time where she's a main character; involved with the plot.
  • Anthony's ID says that his name is "Anthony Danger Padilla", and his address is 1234 Street St. , the expiration date is 9/16/2014, his height is 4"-1, his weight is 285lbs, and the DD reads: 8/10/2012767319/BBRN/13, and the DL number reads: D51578787
    • The date of birth on Anthony's license is his real birthday but 75 years to his true birthday, the first part of the DD is the video's release date, and the address was used as the fake address in the first True Story Cartoon.
    • Strangely, in License Test, his picture is him with a weird face, different information, and his signature being spelled "Anthoy Padildy", now his signature is spelled correctly
    • Though he might've changed his signature when his photo was changed to the "Puppy Molester"
  • Even though Anthony was in the DMV for 12 hours, the time of the day didn't seemed to change.
  • When Anthony was driving around the DMV Parking lot, visibly, there was an empty space closer to the building
  • The part where the Mailman puts the pad on his eyes might be a reference to Pubertina #3
  • The Mailman was in I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!
  • Anthony's ID expires on 12-21-12, the day that was rumored to be the end of the world
  • The license says his height is 4'1" while his actual height is 5'11".
  • It is impossible for the girl before Anthony and the Chicken Guy at the driving test to take at least six hours to finish her test.
  • In the comments of this video, there was a channel called "JUSTINBIEBERCHANNEL" who kept telling Smosh to delete their videos, saying that they're a bad influence to his/her (whoever it is) daughter.
  • El Smosh's version of this video releases the same day as the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

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