Do's and Don'ts 3


May 14, 2012

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Do's & Don'ts



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Narrator, Susie, Jimmy, Vicki, Clifford, Clyde

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Veganism (Do's & Don'ts) is the third episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Do's & Don'ts. It was uploaded on May 14th, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Do's & Don'ts for choosing Veganism: the healthier, humane, meat-free diet.


Susie is about to eat a raw steak, but she gets interrupted by Vicky, a vegan who thinks eating meat is murder. Jimmy decides to stay out of this conflict so he won't get into trouble. Susie then asks if eating chocolate bars is allowed. Vicky says no, because it contains milk drained from cows and says Susie should have compassion for helpless animals. She says to Susie that she has two choices: living happy or living guilt-free. When Susie says "Happy", Vicky responds by saying "Wrong answer" and decides to use violence whenever Susie says something stupid. She then tries to convince Susie that vegans are stronger and smarter than meat-eaters, and that tofu is a good guilt-free alternative to meat. Unable to find a middle ground, Susie thinks about something: brain-damaged animals should be called vegetables. At the end, Clyde arrives with his Shivernator X-50, a brain-damaging weapon created on his own, and shoots Vicky and a couple of cows before shooting at the screen.

Shut Up! Opening

"So we have a duty to make decisions for you. No matter..."


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