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Vader and Me
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December 3, 2010

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Characters Featured:

Ian, Anthony, Vader

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VADER AND ME! is a video uploaded on December 3, 2010. In this video, Ian brings home Darth Vader, much to the disapproval of Anthony.


Anthony walks into the house with a skull in his hand, looking for Ian. He finds Ian and Darth Vader, which Ian claims to be a pet "Vader". He says he found him on the streets, and took him in. Anthony initially refuses to let Vader stay (because he killed Anthony's father), but after Vader uses the Force choke on Anthony,

Ian's pet Vader

Anthony begrudgingly accepts. Afterwards, Ian and Vader go have fun (which is all documented in the song Vader is My Friend).

After the song ends, Anthony comes to Ian's room while he was drawing some sketches with Vader and him and he told him that he had some bad news. Anthony takes Ian to the living room and shows him the dead Vader lying on the floor. Ian said he was only 40, but Anthony tells him that that's old in Vader years. Ian decides to give him "a proper burial" and proceeds to stuff him down the toilet. During this, Ian says, "You've fathered Anthony well." Anthony correct that Vader killed his father, but Ian says, "No, Anthony, He is your father." Anthony screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" before Ian says that he's just kidding, adding, "That would be a hell of a twist though, huh?" The two then proceed to flush the toilet. Ian becomes depressed, but Anthony surprises him by buying a new Vader. When Ian asks how old the new Vader is, Anthony says Vader is not more than 40 years old, but then looks to see that the new Vader is already dead.

Vader is My FriendEdit

This song plays while Ian and Vader have fun before Vader dies. The full music video was released separately from Vader and Me on . The song is now available on iTunes in the price of $ 1.00, and it is also available alongside other Smosh songs in the Smosh album, The Sexy Album. The song is a parody of "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" by Sonseed

(instrumental introduction)

Vader is a friend of mine!
(Vader is my friend)
Vader is a friend of mine!
(I have a friend named Vader)
Vader is a friend of mine!
(Vader is my friend)
Vader is a friend of mine!

He taught me how to kill,
And do it easily,
He taught me I could do it when people laughed at me!
I've had friends before,
They've all been such a bore,
He showed me how to dance just like a whore!

Vader is a friend of mine!
(Vader is my friend)
Vader is a friend of mine!
(I have a friend named Vader)
Vader is a friend of mine!
(Vader is my friend)
Vader is a friend of mine!

(At this point in Vader and Me video, the song stops and transitions to Anthony giving Ian the news of Vader's death.)

He taught me how to torture
'Til people had no soul
He stabbed a guy with a lightsaber and left a little hole!
They may say he's evil
But I say that's a lie,
Trust me, he's a super-cool guy!

(instrumental interlude)

Vader is a friend of mine!
Vader is a friend of mine!

Once, I tried to run
I tried to run away,
But he cut my Achilles tendon with his little blade!
He is like a shark!
But he walks on the land
He'll try to kill you any way he can!

Vader is a friend of mine!
(Vader is a friend of mine!)
Vader is a friend of mine!

He will kill my family
If I do something wrong
He chokes me with his Force powers when I write silly songs!
This song is silly,
So now I'm going to die,
He put a bomb right in my underwear!

Bye! (bomb explodes)





  • The twist where Ian tells Anthony that Vader is his father and Anthony screams "NOOOOOOOO!" is a parody of the actual twist from Star Wars and the other parody to the same style in Toy Story 2.
  • When Anthony says, "NOOOOOOO!" he isn't holding a plunger.
  • The scooter that Vader pushes Anthony off of is the same scooter from Quest for the Scooter (an older Smosh video)
  • Right after the part when Anthony screams "NOOOOOOO!", we get another shot of the boot in the toilet. The boot was upright before Anthony screamed, now the sole of the boot is facing toward the Ex-Camera Range
  • The song Vader is my Friend is a parody of Jesus is a Friend of Mine by Sonseed.

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

*Darth Vader breathing* SHUT UP!





Smosh - Vader Is My Friend (MUSIC VIDEO w Lyrics)02:24

Smosh - Vader Is My Friend (MUSIC VIDEO w Lyrics)

Full music video

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