Twisted Metal is the forty-sixth Honest Game Trailer


From "My Name is David Jaffe" comes a series with all the kooky fun of Wacky Races mixed with all the f***ed-up s*** from Saw that dares to ask, "What if the Mad Max movies took place at a Limp Bizkit concert?"


Before you see Mad Max: Fury Road (scene from the movie is shown), buckle up for the franchise that lets you live out the murder fantasies you have when you're stuck in traffic; and enter the Twisted Metal tournament, a vehicular deathmatch that bring NASCAR to its logical conclusion. (scene from Talladega Nights is shown) America! F*** yeah!

Select your car and driver from some of the most one-dimensional characters since Mad TV. (portions of Mad TV are shown) Hey, I like Mad TV. Like, the devil (Darkside), the devil (Calypso), and Satan, who is also the devil (Minion) who ride around in their customized killmobiles like, a truck (Warthog) with guns, a taxi (Yellow Jacket) with guns, a cop car (Outlaw) with guns, and an ice cream truck (Sweet Tooth; ice cream jingle plays) with guns in the drivable deathmatch simulators that combine third person shooters, racing games and... Rob Zombie? Sure. Rob Zombie. Why the f*** not?

Immerse yourself in a franchise so old, it can almost vote that spans seventeen years, nine games, and five platforms featuring the balls-out fun of Twisted Metal 1-4, the dumbing down of Twisted Metal PS3, and Twisted Metal Black, the one that traumatized you as a child

Calypso: ...duty. An exorcism.

(narrator shudders)

Experience graphics that have run the range from great to passable to the colonoscopy footage of a dog that ate a blacklight poster, and rock out to a game soundtrack that's aged about as well as a fine pair of Jean Co. jeans (rock music plays) Man, the late 90s sucked.

If you ever get bored of shooting at cars, unleash your road rage on stationary targets like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and a passenger jet full of innocent people... yikes. Too soon?

So rev your engines for the Carmaggedon games that were way more fun than Carmaggedon (segment of Carmaggedon is shown) and left millions of fans wondering... why don't they make car combat games anymore? (replay footage of Mario Kart 8's Battle Mode is shown) Mario Kart battle mode sucks now. Come back Twisted Metal! Or at least throw some guns into Gran Turismo or something (2 gunshots)

Starring: Ghost Rider (if he were cool) (Mr. Grimm), John Malocovitch (John Doe), The Original Segway (Axel), Thorin Oakenshield (Rob Zombie), This Sunday Sunday Sunday (Dark Tooth), The Gimp (Black), They Took His Face... Off (No Face), Kevin Bacon (Billy Ray Stillwell), and Probaly a Better Joker Than Jared Leto (Sweet Tooth)

Maximum Juggle Overdrive

David Jaffe: There was a great shot of him just pushing the little, you know, five day old **** into the baptismal into the water and his little arms and chubby little legs are kicking around in there. He just shoving that thing in there...

What is wrong with you, David Jaffe? You created Mickey Mania (game over scene from Mickey Mania is shown)

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