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March 22, 2006

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, The Gangstas

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Smosh Short 1: Dolls

Transformers Theme is a Smosh video uploaded on March 22, 2006.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony make a video about Transformers, but are interrupted when The Gangstas show up.


From the side of a pool, Ian is popping up from behind random objects to the beat of the Transformers Theme. Anthony, who is wearing a cardboard helmet with a big nose, big ears, and a mustache drawn on it, is mouthing the words, "Transformers: more than meets the eye," while dancing. Both he and Ian run down a parking lot, and Ian turns into a car. Anthony runs into the car, falls down, and Ian drives away.

They run around the side of a building, and Ian transforms into a woman. When Anthony stops to look at him, Ian kicks him in the balls. Anthony, holding his crotch, keels over, and the following words appear at the bottom of the screen:    

Transformers Theme

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

A production

Anthony is still on the ground when Ian runs back over to him. He helps Anthony up, and then starts talking about how the last shot was perfect. He apologizes for kicking him in the balls, and Anthony continues to moan in pain.

They walk through a soccer field, still in conversation, and The Gangstas show up, shouting insults and swears at Ian and Anthony. Creeped out, the two walk away, and The Gangstas take over the video. The following words replace what previously appeared at the bottom of the screen:

We're Gangstaz

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

A production

The Gangstaz proceed to make their own version of the Transformers Theme video, with them doing normal gangsta things, such as shooting and mugging people, and bragging about how cool they are. It then goes back to Ian and Anthony standing across from the Gangstas. A narrator says, "Will the Transformers win the rap battle? Will The Gangstas die of a terminal illness? Will Anthony and Ian find anything better to do with their lives? The answers to those questions will be answered RIGHT NOW! Yes, yes, and not a chance in hell!"

"We're Gangstaz" Lyrics

and I-Dawg
In the house
Representing the 916
Yeah, let's hit this sh*t
Yeah, hit it man

We're Gangstaz
I wanna pop dat guy
We rolling on our chromed out dub-threes in our mom's Cadillac
And I'm-a busta cap

We're Gangstaz
Don't be hating, d*ck

Straight up thugged
Front and you'll get mugged, mo'fugga

We is dangerous
Hoe ain't pay us
We got some grills

We're Gangstaz
How you like me now?

We're Gangstaz
We busting out these rhymes

We're Gangstaz


  • At 2:20, there's a brief moment when Anthony shoots the camera. Behind him there's a poster that's supposed to have a picture of two girls in bikinis, but instead, there's Ian's face sticking his tongue out.
  • This is the very first appearance of The Gangstas.
  • There's one shot where I-Dawg doesn't have his bandana.




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