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June 15, 2007

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Transformers Rap is a Smosh video uploaded on June 15, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: A rap about Transformers.


I'll tell you bout one day when I was young
I was flipping through the channels when I saw something on
Something 'bout robots that destroy each other
It made me want to go blow up my mother

Ooh, Anthony is not alone
It made me want to go blow up my home
Eventually I did, but that ain't the point
I love bad grammar and I wish I could rhyme

And if you didn't get what we're talkin' about
We're talkin' bout the most amazing thing around
If you thinkin' Transformers then you was right
'Cause everybody knows that they hella tight

Transformers' creators wouldn't pay us to make this rap
They told us that this script was full of nonsense
I bet you thought I was gonna say crap
because it rhymes with rap, but I'm better than that

TRANSFORMERS will punch you in the face
TRANSFORMERS won't do the Macarena
TRANSFORMERS always say no to drugs
Transformers robots in disguise

They don't even need to use a glock
They can take you down with their electric shock
Hurt more than a bodyslam from The Rock
But not as much as a slap from my .... hand

Ooh, have you heard about Optimus Prime?
Sweeter than a cherry, sour than a lime
If your booty's gettin' hot and it keeps gettin' hotter
He'll turn into a firetruck and spray you with water (Damn!)

Optimus knows how to use his hose
He be treatin' his friends like he treats his hoes
Sucks Pixie Sticks right through his nose
Until his nose unloads and explodes, busloads

Ooh, you like that, we switched it up
Like when decepticons kicked Autobot butt
And Thunderblast is a slut
What? She is...

TRANSFORMERS will find a cure for death
TRANSFORMERS won't do your algebra
TRANSFORMERS are against terrorism
Transformers robots in disguise

The dopest parties are thrown by the Autobots
Disco dancin' and chicks hella hot
They got moves like you ain't ever got
No weed, no spank, no crack, cocaine

They don't need that stuff to keep they party insane
Moves so whack that you can't explain
Dancing so crazy that'll melt your brain
Moves that Decepticons could never attain (Haha!)

You hear that Megatron, you ain't got no game
Autobots throw it up makin' you look lame
You fight to contain the shame you've obtained
Optimus will take you out With impeccable aim

TRANSFORMERS don't give a damn what ya'll say
TRANSFORMERS hit the club like every day
TRANSFORMERS blow things up with satisfaction
Explode your face like a chain reaction

TRANSFORMERS will run for president
TRANSFORMERS won't dress for Halloween
TRANSFORMERS hardcore since '84


  • The song is available on the Smosh album Sexy Album.
  • This song proves that Anthony can actually rap.
  • Louie Spence Was Punched By Ian

Shut Up! Opening

"Transformers, ba dee dee doo, Robots in Di-SHUT UP!"



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