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November 16, 2007 (Smosh)
June 6, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Toy Airplane is a Smosh video uploaded on November 16, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony gets a new toy airplane and gets Ian to fly it with him, but when a murderer takes it, Ian and Anthony do everything they can to get the airplane back.


A narrator says, "The year was 2007, and I was doing my chores as usual." Ian is cutting the grass with scissors and asks his mom when the lawn mower's going to be fixed. Anthony comes running up to him to show him a toy airplane his grandma got him for his birthday. Ian says that they should fly it, and the two excitedly run to the park. When they get to the park, Ian throws the plane, and Anthony tells him that it can also take aerial pictures. They hear a girl scream from afar, and Ian tells Anthony to fly the plane over to the scene and take some pictures. After taking enough pictures, Anthony flies the plane back to them, only to hit Ian on accident.

Anthony and Ian look through the pictures of the murder scene to see who the victim was. Ian says he hopes that it's his Spanish teacher, but is disappointed when he finds out that it was just a girl they don't know. At first, they found it hilarious that the murderer was about to hit the girl with the shovel, but when they see that he actually hit her, they stop. A picture of the murderer looking directly at the camera pops up, and Ian and Anthony freak out when they discover him standing right behind them. The two scream, drop the airplane, and run behind the nearest bathroom. They watch as the murderer takes the remote and the airplane, and Anthony says, "We gotta get that plane back."

The murderer leaves the park, with Ian and Anthony following close behind. The two stay behind the murderer through various of methods as to not get caught, such as hiding in a trashcan and ducking when he turns around. They manage to follow the murderer to his house, and they walk up to the door. Ian and Anthony argue about who should go inside first. After a short argument, they go inside at the same time.

When they get inside, they hear the murderer's voice asking who's there. Anthony answers, "Housekeeping." The murderer says that he's going to use the bathroom and tells Anthony to clean the living room. As the two sneak further into the house, the murderer's voice says, "Wait a minute," scaring Ian and Anthony. But he was simply telling them about the toy airplane sitting on the coffee table. Anthony tells the murderer, "Si Senor," and Ian says, "I didn't know you could speak German!"

Anthony grabs the toy airplane off the table and is about to leave when Ian spots something in the backyard. He steps into the backyard and finds the murder victim, excited since he had never seen a dead person before. Ian tells Anthony to take a picture of him next to the dead girl, but Anthony says that it's disgusting. Ian is about to do it himself with his cell phone, but the girl starts to get up, and Ian screams and hits her in the head with his phone. Ian tells Anthony that the girl is a zombie, and the two run away from the house.

The narrator, now revealed to be the old version of Ian, sitting next to the old version of Anthony (Dan Padilla) telling the story to his grandson (Mathew Worrel). After escaping, they played with the toy airplane for a few more hours before they decided to go out and pick up some hookers. "And that's the story of how I met your grandmother."


  • In the 2010 video, WTF! I'm Old!, lan is also seen as an old man, but doesn't look like he did at the end of this video
  • Clips of this video were seen during Anthony's Hair Ballad and lan's BFF Song in I LOST MY HAIR! and HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!.
  • When Ian told Anthony that he was speaking German, Anthony was really speaking Spanish.
  • According to Anthony's Twitter, his dad appeared at the end of the video.
  • The murderer (when Ian and Anthony get inside his house) is voiced by Ian.
  • The premise of this video involving Old Ian telling his grandson the story of how he and his grandmother met is similar to the entire plot of the TV series: How I Met Your Mother.

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