Timothy "Timmy" Blumpkin


Timothy Blumpkin


"Douche nozzle"


Grammar Police
22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist)

Timothy "Timmy" Blumpkin is a character in Smosh. He is a rude and stuck-up boy who appears in "Grammar Police", where he is the first victim tazed by Sergeant Anous. He was caught by using the wrong use of "they're" (using "there" instead) in a chat with Billy when describing the quality of the new Lincoln Park CD. Timmy frequently uses the word "douche nozzle."

Timmy would appear again in 22 Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist), as Timmy the Time Traveling Troll. In scene 1, he asks Beethoven if he wants to hear music from the future. A couple minutes later he plays dubstep and makes Beethoven go deaf. Then, in scene 2, Timmy shows Adolf Hitler a Borat video. Hitler says that Borat is funny. Timmy then reveals that Borat is Jewish. As a result Hitler commits suicide. In scene 3, Timmy says on a megaphone "SPOILER ALERT! YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM AN ASTEROID, YOU STUPID DINOSAURS!". Soon enough, a T-rex eats Timmy. It is currently unknown if Timmy is still alive or not.

He is portrayed by Anthony Padilla.


Timmy is extremely insulting and simply mean to everyone. He also rebels against having to use proper grammar.

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