You see Jake sitting down rubbing something.

Simon (Anthony): Jake, what are you doing?'

Jake (Ian): (He turns and he's trying to light a fire with 2 stick) Isn't it obvious, Simon?

Simon: You idiot, Jake, I'm telling you, signal fires will only last in you put it in a pit! (He starts digging) Damn it, Jake, if you keep doing stupid stuff like that we're never gonna get off this island. What the hell is this?

he looks in the pit, and Jake comes up.

Jake: Oh, sweet! (He picks up object) I always wanted one of these. (he blows on it) This stupid flute doesn't even work!

He throws it and a genie comes out of it.

Genie (Anthony): Woooah, whoa, man, whoa. That was totally rad, it was like, WEEEEEEE. AND I WAS LIKE WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA (laughs). Ok, bros, bros, bros. (laughs) Ok, 3 wishes, you know the drill. Oh, yeah! I'm a genie!

Simon: Jake! This is our chance, Jake! (in thoughts) I think one of our wishes should be getting off this damn island. Maybe I should also wish for a milloin dollars too... No, I could make more money with stocks. That's it. I could wish that all my stocks would be extremely succecfull. I could also be someone famous. Like... Bill Cosby. Ew, wait, he's old. Ok, I'll just be Hulk Hogan. (To Jake) Jake, I've got it!

Jake: Simon?

Simon: (looks at fake Flamingo) 'The hell, what is this?... WHERE THE HELL IS THE GENIE?!!

Jake: Oh, calm down, you think your mad? The popcorn I wished for didn't come popped!

Simon: Well, we could use our last wish to get off this island!

Jake: No, we only get 3 wishes! Weren't you listening? Gosh. Whatever, man, I'm tired of you treating me like I'm some kind of idiot! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play on my new SEA HORSE!

Then, he runs into the ocean with an inflatable sea horse.