Three Wishes

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January 6, 2007
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Three Wishes is a Smosh video uploaded on January 6, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Two men are stranded on an island with no way of escape, but are given a second chance when they find a genie.


Jake (Ian) is sitting in the sand, doing something, when Simon (Anthony) asks what he's doing. Jake turns around to reveal that he is rubbing sticks together to start a fire. Simon tells him that the signifier will only work if he builds it in a pit, and that if he keeps wasting his time, they'll never get off the island. After Simon finishes digging the pit, he stands up to admire it, but realizes that there's something there. He calls Jake over to look at the strange object, and Jake thinks it's a flute. He blows into it, but when it doesn't make any noise, he throws it on the ground in frustration. The "flute" begins to emit smoke, and a genie appears. He tells them they have three wishes, and Simon tells Jake that this could be their chance to get off the island. Simon turns around and starts to think about what he wants to wish for, but while his back was turned, Jake wishes for a flamingo, popcorn, and an inflatable sea horse. Simon makes up his mind, but turns around to see the genie gone, and a flamingo standing in his place. He angrily asks Jake what he wished for, but Jake tells him, "Oh, calm down. You think you're mad? The popcorn I wished for didn't even come popped!" Simon says that they can use the last wish to get off the island, but Jake reminds him that they only got three wishes. He then runs into the ocean to play with his inflatable seahorse.


  • The fact that Simon and Jake are trying to get off an island is similar to the plot of the 2006 video, Stranded.
  • The "flute" is actually a water pipe/bong.
  • They are actually on an island in a lake, not the ocean.


Shut Up! Opening

Hey, whatever happened to that "Shut Up" thing at the beginning of the Smosh videos? I tho-SHUT UP!


Three Wishes/Script



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