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Anthony's getting married!

  • On a vlog posted by Anthony and his girlfriend, Kalel, Anthony proposed to her! It was so cute ^-^

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    • I know! It was so cute. At first, when I read the title, I thought there would be kissing and I love you. Then I saw how nervous Anthony was and began to expect he might do something really important.... Then he said "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you" I burst into tears.

      They are my OTP, so it feels really good that they are getting married.

      I feel so warm and fuzžy now. :D

      I think Kalel's page needs a bunch more info, she is deifently important to the Smosh now.

      I wonder if we will see her in any of the Smosh videos. Even more wondering: Will they have kids?

      So many questions and feelings! Asdfghjkl

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    • Kalel played in 2 Smosh videos before. She was in a costume in one. And yeah, at first I was like "Anthony! What the h are you doing? I can't see a thing because you just put the camera down!" then, I saw the box and I was like :O "Holy crap, Anthony!"

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    • I really think it is nice he is getting married.

      I can't wait to see how many veiws the wedding video will get.

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    • Yeah ^-^

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      There's alot of girls who want to badly marry Ian and Anthony. Too bad Anthony's engaged ( I AM NOT A FANGIRL I AM A SMOSHER). The only two couples I want to be engaged is Pewds/Marzia and Ian/ Melanie. 

      Lets get back to the proposal. I was snooping through this wiki and then I began reading about Kalel and it said Anthony's fiance. I was like, ' What the fridge?? HOW COULD ANYBODY NOT TELL ME THIS!!'. I began watching the video, and then I was having an asthma attack. And then I started rolling around. When I was just watching the seconds when Anthony said, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. I was like, Aww he's being so sweet to Kalel. AND THEN WHEN HE SAID, Will you marry me? I WAS LIKE,OMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSHOMIGOSH. I was like in Rainbow Dash mode right there XD. I bet their kids will be the next owner of Smosh. That would be pretty awesome. OH YEAH AND I noticed after the video Romantic Day In Japan, the video We Found A Monkey Kalel called Anthony 'babe' when she asked what Anthony had. And then after the days when they got back home I think ANTHONY CALLED KALEL 'BABE' in the video where Kalel records a closet tour. 

      Anthony's biggest fans who are like OMOMFOPMFOINHOUSNOUBC ANOHOTHOTNY HWYBFHFUIHFUHIUD YOUR SO HOT EKDHUDV I WANNA MARRY UUU SO  BADLY', and then they see the video, they're probably like 'OMIGOHDOIHDOEHOHDOHV DID ANTHONY JUST SAID THE  'W Y M M ? WORD?? OEBVIUOWHU I WANNA KILL MYSELF IM FANGIRLING SO HARD. They're like Directioners who saw 1D personally and then write/cut their name on their arm with a knife. 

      girls do not fangirl too hard or you might get yourself injured. like a baus.

      THEY BETTER NOT END UP LIKE SKYDOESMINECRAFT/DAWNABLES OR I SWEAR TO BUTTER BISCUITOS I WILL GO TO AMERICA AND TUMMY FALCON PUNCH ANTHONY IN THE TUMME. because skydoesminecraft proposed to dawn and now they broke up now ex fiance. i wanted them to die together at least when they get older, being buried with butter. and idk what else.

      Thank you and God bless your soul.

      NUFF SAID. 

      P.s i will punch my Monster High doll in the face if I dont see Ian and Melanie get married. Or Pewds and Marzia.

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    • Wow. Wow is all I can say XD

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    • yeah your definitly not a fangirl... *rolls eyes*

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    • Autumnleaves201 wrote:
      Wow. Wow is all I can say XD


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    • I cried when I saw it

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    • Wow,congrats for two of them!Hope they have a happy life and a great relationship!!!

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    • Uh-Oh.  Spoiler Alert.

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    • Anthony proposed to her. They're engaged. NOT married.

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    • Let's hope they don't divorce

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    • when will they get married i want to know now

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    • They're both hoping to get married October 10th of this year, but they said it might be next year.

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    • Me, I'm so happy Anthony has finally found someone that likes (LOVES) him and the same things as him. I'm kind of disappointed because I was going to go on a road trip and get a kiss from all of the people I'm subscribed to on Youtube but no I don't think I'm getting anything from my Ant. But at least I wrote some pretty good fanfictions before this ship got real.

      Anthony is a great guy. And lots of girls "love" him. But they just like his personality and his popularity. They like the fact he's a 'bad boy' and he swears and talks about Anime and Legend of Zelda. THERE ARE THOUSANDS/MILLIONS OF GUYS LIKE THAT OUT THERE!

      I personally ship me and Anthony together, but that's on the fact that he's a celebrity. If I ever met him, I don't think it would EVER work out. But I'd love to be best friends with the guy that likes the same things I do and is funny and awesome. He is the inspiration I have to keep me from hurting myself (/killing) and having me hope for a better tomorrow.

      Again, I am so happy he's marrying his dream girl. I hope it'll last till the end of time, but who knows how it'll work out. I can't wait to see their wedding video and see what future videos they make together.

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    • is it me or i just cried my freaking eyes out when he proposed

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    • Sad part is, melaine and ian broke up. I love them both equally. But kalel, is a bit of a bad girl, and kind of suspicious, but hey, as long as anthony is happy, I'm happy

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    • i feel the same but if anthony's happy then, i'm happy too.

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