This Video is Offensive
This Video is Offensive


October 10, 2014 (Smosh)
October 12, 2014 (El Smosh and Smosh France)

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Ian, Anthony, Offended Nerd, Offended Gay Man, Offended Old Timey Fellow, Justin Bieber

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Anthony Padilla
Ian Hecox
Ryan Finnerty

This Video is Offensive is a Smosh video uploaded on October 10th, 2014.


Apparently everything is offensive nowadays. Please don't be offended : )


Ian and Anthony are at the first YouTube Commenters Convention. A few people are in the room, with people manning tables. Anthony tells Ian to be careful what he says because the people in the room get easily offended at practically everything. Ian says that is retarded, and a commenter comes up offended, the word "bitch" coming up. A gay man with his dog then becomes offended beecause his dog is a bitch, but so is his mom. He then tells Ian that if he weren't so cute, he would kick his tight little ass, which Anthony is horrified/shocked by. Ian says he is just being gay, and again, someone is offended, but the commenter is rebuffed by Ian and Anthony, who point out he is literally being gay.

For most of the middle of the video, more people become offended until at the end, Ian finally says, eating a banana, that they should be more sensitive. Fed up, Anthony knocks the banana out of Ian's hand and says "No!" He then gives a candid speech about being fed up with oversensitive people making something out of his words that he never even meant to be offensive. After calling them "pussies," Anthony and Ian see a cat has come to the convention. They ask him, frustrated, if he will get offended by the word "pussy." The cat looks at them, and then he responds by saying "yes" in a human voice, scaring Ian and Anthony into terrified screams.


This Video is Offensive/Script


  • This video pokes fun at how YouTube commenters are angered or offended by the slightest of occurrences that happen and appear in videos.
  • Offended Old Timey Fellow substitutes one word for another: Instead of "asshat" he says "butthat". This could also be a reference to one of Bomber Guy's lines from Name Rap or Die.
  • This video's run time is 3:25, making it one of the more shorter Smosh Videos.

Shut Up! Opening

I love leaving negative comments; it makes me feel good! SHUT UP!



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