There's Gun Way To Solve This
Snowjacked 3


July 10, 2012

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Derf, Layta, Jane, Brent, the Creature

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There's Gun Way To Solve This is the third episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Snowjacked. It was uploaded on July 10th, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Derf and Brent argue about whether or not guns are the best way to solve problems.


Previously on Snowjacked

Derf is shooting aimlessly with his gun. Layta, who is crouching down to avoid being hit, asks what he is doing. Derf explains that he is shooting the snowflakes because they get him wet and only enjoys being wet on his turf.


At the laboratory, Jane is showing Derf and Layta a science equipment that will help them on finding Layta's family despite not knowing what it is. Derf however states that the only science equipment they need is his "piece" which is his gun. Brent tells Derf that guns aren't the only way to solve problems. Derf dismisses him telling him to get over his grumpiness. He then repeats 187. Jane then shows them a thumbdrive which contains data of Snowjacked families but warns them it's her only copy. During this time, a creature is watching them from the window. Soon the creature quickly steals the drive and runs off. The creature apologizes and says he needs it because they're rare to find in the mountains. Layta wants it back. Derf decides to do it "the Derf way' which is shooting the creature with the gun. He fires but instead hits the computer and Brent's leg causing it to start bleeding which affirms Brent's point about guns. He compromises with the creature to have a snowboarding race. The winner keeps the drive. The creature agrees due to being called a bro angering Derf.

On a nearby hill, the creature wonders if Brent can keep going considering he's losing a lot of blood and is turning pale. Brent dismisses it saying he needs the drive to prove Derf wrong. The creatures then asks if he wants it back if it means so much to him, only to find that he has passed out. The creature quickly picks up Brent and snowboards down the hill. Back at the lab, Brent is back to normal with a cast and has the drive back. He wants Derf to admit that his idea was right. Derf however points out that shooting Brent's foot was the reason he has the drive back. Brent says that the reason why was because he became friends with the creature. Jane however says that the drive doesn't matter anymore due to Derf shooting her computer. Brent then says that Derf is now the loser but Derf says that Layta is. We then see Layta who is almost crying with Jane comforting her. Derf and Brent then high five.

Next Time on Snowjacked

The creature is watching TV making fart jokes. Jane, annoyed, wonders why he hasn't left yet. Layta wants Derf to get rid of him but Derf sarcastically says that maybe he likes him. The creature asks them if they want some food only to find it melted on their couch. Brent wants Derf to kill him saying his idea was wrong and Derf's is right. This makes Derf happy and proceeds to shoot the creature with the gun.


  • 187 is based off Section 187 of the California Penal Code, which defines the crime of murder.

Shut Up! Opening

"Hey bro, you okay? You're losing a lot of blood. SHUT UP! Cartoons"