The Zombie Apocalypse Needs No Story is the fifty-fourth installment for the SmoshGames series Gamer Nation. Since the previous week's PvP matches were well-received, this episode is devoted entirely to topics selected by fans.

Video Description:

This is Gamer Nation, the PVP edition. You gave us the topics. Now hear us debate. We're talking Sci Fi versus Fantasy, best zombie apocalypse, and fighting game classics versus innovation.

Round 1

Which is a better game genre? Fantasy (Mari) or Sci-fi (Lasercorn)

Round 2

What is the best post-apocalyptic game? Fallout 3 (Jovenshire) or Left 4 Dead 2 (Lasercorn)

Round 3

Which makes for a better fighting game? Evolving (Joven) or Classic formulas (Mari)


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