The Walking Dead is the twenty-fourth Honest Game Trailer.


Also, spoiler alert.

Not based on the popular TV show, but instead based on the way less popular comic book, comes a game about surviving a zombie apocalypse, that's mostly people talking about stuff.

Katjaa: I am a veterinarian back in Fort Lauderdale -- like Hershel, here, except more with dogs and cats and not horses.

Just like the TV Show!

Carl Grimes: Crazy Cheese?

Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Join Lee, an honest, nice guy...

Lee: We need to stick together to get through this.

Or, a total asshole. (Lee pushes Omid off a bridge)

Omid: You son of a -- AHH!

Who struggles to stay alive, while saying really obvious things out loud,

Lee: (looks at drange pipe) It's a draining pipe. (grabs remote) It's the remote to my dad's TV. (looks at lock) It's a combination lock.

And trips on everything (shows clips of Lee tripping and falling) Geez, man, watch where you're going!

Choose to help a revolving cast of supporting characters, that you either love and want to protect, or want to punch in the face.

Larry: (to Lee) I plan to be around long after you're gone.

With game play that hasn't been updated since 1990's LucasArts' adventure games. Featuring, clicking dots, choosing dialog, walking, and clicking more dots.

Immerse yourself in a psychologically intense story that raises the stakes by having people argue. while zombies are coming to eat them,

Christa: What do you mean, this is all your fault?

Brie: (as being devoured by walkers) AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Mini-Games that just make you feel bad,

Lee: (after not giving Ben food) Sorry. (Ben looks puzzled)

And a small child who eats human flesh if you aren't fast enough. (Clementine eats flesh)

Brenda: Lee, what's wrong? You look pale.

Oh, man, what kind of game is this?

Experience a game so agonizing, you'll question every choice you make and have to make countless impossible decisions that will leave you sad no matter which you choose.

Carley: I just wish we both could've made it, you know?

Lee: Me too, Carley.

Starring: Kid Rock's Uncle (Kenny), Young Neil Degrasse Tyson (Lee), Awkward Facial Animations (shows Kenny), Cheap Cameo from the Comic Book (Glenn), The Schnozfather (Larry), Lindsay Lohan (Girl Walker), Escort Mission I Actually Care About (Lee & Clementine trying to find her parents) and Zombie Food (Doug, Irene, Mark, and Charles). Depression Simulator.

Where the only thing sadder than the game, is the other game (The Walking Dead Survival Instinct).

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