"*Panting* I'm jogging so hard! *Panting* SHUT UP!"
The Ultimate Shoedown


August 7, 2009

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Characters Featured

Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Brad Padilla (?), Antoinette Padilla

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"The Ultimate Shoedown" is a Smosh video that was uploaded on August 7, 2009. Anthony and Ian have a race to discover if it is just his shoes that make Ian suck, with embarrassing consequences for the loser.


Ian is drawing a circle over and over until Anthony comes in and tells Ian he just got the coolest toy ever, which turns out to be a "Skip It" toy. Anthony demonstrates to Ian how to use it. Ian tries to use the toy, too, but he can't jump over it once. Anthony says Ian sucks at playing the game, but Ian says it's only his shoes. To show proof, Ian tells Anthony he would modify some shoes and that the next week, they would have a race to test their speed, agility, and jumping prowess. For a brief moment, Ian and Anthony try to pronounce the word and after Anthony corrects Ian and asks if he even knows what that word means, Ian says no, but whoever loses the race has to dress up like an elf and sing a love song to a random girl and Anthony accepts. While Anthony designs his shoes, Ian is buying them, and he finally finds ones that are suitable for him.

The next week, Ian and Anthony are prepared for the race, known as the Speed, Agility, and Jumping Prowess (SAJP) Competition.

Obstacle One: Random Jump Hurdles

Ian is able to jump over them all in one jump. However, Anthony cannot jump over any of the jump hurdles and ends up falling.

Obstacle Two: Push a Baby up a Steep Hill

Ian takes the one with the stroller, but because of budget cuts, Anthony has to roll the doll and when he gets to the top, he just kicks the baby down. After Ian was finished, his ex-girlfriend Antoinette randomly came and tried to recreate their relationship.

Random Part

Because of Ian being distracted, Anthony takes the lead, so Ian makes a fake phone number (555-555-5555) to Antoinette so he could continue the race, Antoinette falls for the "phone number". Later on, Anthony has to repair his shoe on the sideline and Ian takes the lead once again.

Obstacle Three: 20 spins to a very dizzy dash to the finish line

Ian gets to the obstacle first. But after he was done, he became dizzy and went to the wrong direction, making him crash into a car. Anthony gets to the obstacle, and when he finished, he wasn't dizzy.

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The Ultimate Shoedown/Script

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Trivia / Goofs

  • If someone were to type in "a shoe with a secret energy transfer technology that will kick ass" in real life like Ian did and then clicked on "I'm Feeling Lucky," then that person would go to this link.
    • Ian orders the new shoes (not homemade) from Finish Line.
  • The whole point of the race was just to see if Ian's shoes were the cause of him sucking at "Skip It." However, the entire point is later ignored.
  • You can see glimpses of Ian's shoes (which are sneakers) during "Skip It." However, in the close up of his shoes, he's wearing high heels.



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