The Sweet Sound of Smosh was released November 30, 2013. It is the fourth Smosh album.


Album Cover


The album itself contains some songs from Music Videos and Regular Videos released in the past year of Smosh videos (2013). Other songs, like Pimps of Prom won't be released on YouTube in a Music Video until later in 2014. This album also contains songs from older, past Smosh years and Remixed Songs. Songs from The End of Christmas are also included.  The Corn Cob song from Corn Cob's Food Battle 2013 campaign video is also included.


  1. Dixon Cider
  2. Pimps of Prom
  3. Pirate Life
  4. Driver's Ed Rap
  5. We Rule High School
  6. Be Jabba's Guest (Ft. Ryan Todd)
  7. A Whole New Vader (Ft. Ryan Todd)
  8. I Want to Be Where the Jedis Are (Ft. Ryan Todd)
  9. I've Got the Force in Me (Ft. Ryan Todd)
  10. Corn Cob (Ft. Ryan Todd)
  11. So Frickin' Tired of Christmas
  12. The End of Christmas
  13. 12 Days of Christmas Destruction
  14. Parents Suck [BEASTMODE] (PeteyWunder)
  15. Pirate's Life [GLITCH HOP] (PeteyWunder)
  16. The Legend of Zelda [DARK LINK MIX] (PeteyWunder)
  17. AC3 [RMX KILLA] (PeteyWunder)
  18. Parents Suck [HAPPY GO LUCKY] (PeteyWunder)


The Sweet Sound of Smosh Commercial-001:21

The Sweet Sound of Smosh Commercial-0


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