Not to be confused with Smosh Pit, a Smosh channel.

The Smosh Pit is a blog-like section featured on



The Smosh Pit was created in January, 2010 with the first article posted January 25, 2010 called "Welcome to the Smosh Pit". The post was used to introduce users to the new feature and explain what it was all about. The first comment was by posted by kyle2737.

Smosh Pit Posts

The Smosh Pit includes videos, articles and photos about random subjects posted by many different users. It originally also included askcharlie bonus questions until that series was cancelled. The most commented post on Smosh Pit is Celebrity Pokemon Cards with over 805 comments and counting.

Smosh Pit Weekly

Smosh Pit Weekly was a weekly show on Smosh 2nd Channel (formerly IanH) hosted by Mari posted every Saturday. The show revolved around various posts and subjects from the Smosh Pit and other places. Most of the episodes included either videos and/or pictures, .gifs and more. Smosh Pit Weekly ran from April 23, 2011 to August 22, 2015 to make way for two new Smosh 2nd Channel shows Put it in My Mouth and Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover.

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