The Rock Interview PRANK
The Rock Interview Prank


July 25, 2014 (Smosh)
July 27, 2014 (El Smosh)

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4:42 (Main)
3:22 (Bonus)

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Ian, Anthony, Dwayne Johnson

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Smosh got the chance to interview Dwayne Johnson for his new movie Hercules! To make it extra fun, Ian's wearing an earpiece and has to do everything Anthony says! Can Ian get away with pranking THE ROCK?!



Smosh gets a chance to interview Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for his 2014 film Hercules. Ian greets Dwayne as he was a little worried about what he has to say. Anthony talks to Ian through an earpiece as he must do Anthony's commands. Dwayne asks if the cameras are filming them. Anthony tells Ian to say "What?". Dwayne asks again which Ian repeats his question. Anthony laughs.



Anthony tells Ian to make up a scent and ask if Dwayne smelt that. Anthony also tells Ian to ask if Dwayne's cooking something. Dwayne says that he is and states that it's currently a bucket of horses**t. Anthony laughs.


Anthony tells Ian that his ass cheek feels terrible. Ian fakes the pain and asks Dwayne about the film. Dwayne asks about Ian's face and why he's making it. Ian apologizes. Anthony tells Ian that a bug crawled into his ass crack. Ian does the command and states that the movie is good while Anthony laughs once again.


Ian asks if Dwayne had always been cooking horses**t which Dwayne agrees. Ian asks if he alternates, but Dwayne states that he used s**t from other animals like lamb and gorilla. Ian asks if it's always s**t which Dwayne agrees.


FIan asked if Dwayne was a belieber or a directioner. Dwayne states that he's a "I don't give a f**ker" causing Anthony to laugh.


Anthony tells Ian to ask Dwayne if he wants to compare abs with himself. Anthony then tells Ian to pull out his shirt, show Ian's abs to him, and roll his stomach. Ian does the commands causing Anthony to be surprised and Dwayne shocked. Ian asked Dwayne if he could do it which he states that he can't while also thinking that Ian is in his second trimester.


Anthony tells Ian to pull something out of his fanny pack. Ian gives Dwayne a small water gun as a present. Anthony tells Ian to ask Dwayne if he could squirt the gun into his mouth causing Anthony to laugh. Dwayne asked Ian how many times Ian asked that question causing Ian to smile in laughter.


Ian thinks that he can tell that Dwayne is a directioner because of the hair. He compliments that the hair looks similar to the one of Harry Styles. Dwayne laughs while the photo of Hercules is compared with Harry Styles. The camera also added a beard to Harry to make him look the same as Hercules.


Ian opens his mouth wide and tells Dwayne to give it his best shot. Dwayne repeatedly shoots towards Ian's nose causing him to laugh.


Anthony tells Ian to pay Dwayne for the fun interview. This made Dwayne laugh. Anthony also says to just give him one dollar. Ian apologizes for the small tip and tells Dwayne to buy a taco since he didn't know what to do with it.


Anthony tells Ian to have a staring contest with Dwayne while singing I Will Always Love You. Ian does as he's told and notices that Dwayne blinked.


Ian notices how descent Dwayne's shots were when squirting the water gun. Ian notices that Dwayne made another shot and decides for him to continue. Anthony even insist for Dwayne to keep on going. Eventually, Ian keeps on telling Dwayne to keep on shooting him more and more.


Ian and Dwayne do a staring contest while singing I Will Always Love You. Ian then notices that he blinked.


Anthony tells Ian to ask Dwayne if he could Hercules while Ian lays down a beat. Ian starts laying down a beat and notices Dwayne doesn't like that one. Ian does another beat which Dwayne wants it slower causing Anthony to laugh. Ian slows down his beat while Dwayne raps about being Hercules and that Ian's a jerk causing himself to laugh.


Ian gives Dwayne one last present and asks him if he gets the joke. Dwayne turns it around revealing it to be a rock with "The" spelt with red paint on it. He says he gets it, causing Anthony to laugh

#15 (bonus)

Ian asks Dwayne what he thinks about his style, and Dwayne says he loves it. Ian explains that he wanted them to match. Dwayne says that what he loves about it is the fact that its leather, and that anytime someone has a leather fanny pack it means that one puts time into it. Ian ask were is Dwayne's fanny pack and he responds that he wears it on the inside of his pants

#16 (bonus)

Ian does the most embarrassing thing he did at the interview and shows Dwayne the "rash" on his bellybutton at Anthony´s command. Dwayne takes a good look at it and decides that it is dried semen, making Ian feel awkward.

#17 (bonus)

Anthony tells Ian to ask Dwayne if he was wearing contact lenses when he was playing in chronicle of Riddick. Dwayne responds with "Chronicles of Ridiculous" and states that he did wear contact lenses and later adds that he wore a prosthetic penis.

#18 (bonus)

Ian tries to explain that he either has to be a belieber or a directioner, and Dwayne says he is not making Ian decide that he is a Doctor Pepper guy

#19 (bonus)

Anthony tells Ian to whisper secrets between him and Dwayne; they take turns. Ian says that sometimes clowns look funny, that he likes waterparks, and that Dwayne is kind of scary. Dwayne whispers that he hates Ian's hair, that he is clenching his butthole, and that he is cooking something in his pants. Ian tells him he can't wait to hear that

#20 (bonus)

Dwayne tells Ian he was great in the film "Brokeback Mountain" and that he appreciated it causing Anthony and the audience to burst out laughing. Dwayne explains that they cut out all of Ian's scenes and Ian says he played a great horse in the film.


The screen is covered in black with words that say, "Thanks for being a good sport, Dwayne. And for not killing us!" then the ":)" appears to the right of that sentence.


The Rock Interview Prank/Script


  • This is the third celebrity interview prank. The first was Tom Hiddleston and the second was Emma Watson.
  • In 0:05, "interview" is misspelled as "inverview"
  • Near the end of the video, the text "Thanks for being a good sport, Dwayne" briefly changes to "Thanks for being a good sport, The Rock". Also, the photo of The Rock in the '90s briefly flashes before the text "And for not killing us!". A smiley emoji also appears for a half-second.
  • In the interview, Ian was dressed like The Rock in the '90s (picture here)
  • This video was released the same day that the movie Hercules was released
  • In the Brokeback Mountain joke, Dwayne was probably joking that Ian was gay
  • Anne Hathaway, Dwayne's co-star from the movie "Get Smart", starred in "Brokeback Mountain"

Shut Up! Opening

When you were a kid, you were known as... "The Pebble"?



Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd Edited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael Barryte Post Supervision by: Ian Hecox & Ryan Finnerty

Bloopers: Phil Mohr

Special Thanks Dwayne Johnson


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