The Pokemon Master!


November 25, 2011 (Smosh)
August 15, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Mrs. Hecox

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The Pokemon Master! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 25, 2011.

Breif Synopsis: Anthony is determined to get all 151 Pokemon after getting a new Game Boy Color and Pokemon Blue. Meanwhile, someone out there is looking for Anthony.


Ian was lying on the table with his butt up when Anthony comes in and asks what he's doing. Ian says that he's "Snailing" becuase "it's way more hardcore than that stupid Planking crap." Anthony tells Ian that he got a Game Boy Color and Pokemon Blue Version. Ian points out that Anthony already played the Red version and asks about the difference. Anthony says that it's blue, but Ian asks what Anthony's going to do differently than he did on Red. Anthony answers that he's going to capture all 151 Pokemon.

A narrator in the house narrates, "And from that point on, Anthony made it his life goal to catch all 151 Pokemon. He was going to stop at nothing to catch them all. And when he did-" However, Ian notices the narrator inside, causing him to grab his radio and run away. Ian was asking about the narrator, but Anthony was very focused on the game, that he's ignoring Ian, telling him that he's trying to catch Jigglypuff. Later, the boys were walking by the park when Ian tells Anthony that Ian's mom wants to know what Anthony wants for Christmas, only for Ian to realize that she never gives him Christmas presents anymore. Anthony walks on the road, in which Ian warns that a car is coming. Both Ian and the driver (the narrator that appeared earlier) scream as Anthony does nothing to get out of the way. Luckily for Anthony, the car manages to swerve past him, but ends up running over Ian instead.

In the hospital, Anthony greets Ian, who is happy that Anthony put aside his Pokemon game to visit Ian. Though the happiness is cut short when Anthony cheers that he caught all 151 Pokemon. Anthony then decides that he wants to get them all to level 100 before getting into an argument with Ian when he says "Tweet" wrong. The doctor that visited Ian's room says, "The Eagle has landed in the henhouse." In an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean, the narrator from earlier tells his boss (played by KassemG) that Anthony captured 151 Pokemon. His boss wants Anthony brought to him alive and tells the narrator that he hired "the best bounty hunter in the galaxy," Spider Man.

Spider Man (Ian) was sleeping when he gets a phone call to capture Anthony. However, since he's put on some weight, he has trouble getting up. Spider Man gets in his moving truck and chases after Anthony. He confronts Anthony, who never notices because he was too focused on his game, even with web spraying all over him. Spider Man gets an idea. Since Anthony was too focused on the game, he decides to redirect him into the moving truck.

In the same unknown island in the Baltic Sea, Spider Man brings in Anthony. Anthony asks the boss what he wants with him. The boss says that Anthony is skilled enough to require his assistance, but Anthony refuses. The boss threatens to kill Ian if Anthony refuses, in which Ian panics. Anthony doesn't care however, so Ian yells at him before being shot and killed. The boss then threatens to kill a hot girl, but Anthony doesn't care for her either, which causes the boss to kill the hot girl. Two hours later filled with unnecessary killings, the boss then threatens to shoot "a puppy, two babies, three nuns, a really nice pair of running shorts and a polar bear." Anthony still doesn't care, but the boss then threatens to shoot Anthony's Game Boy as well. Anthony starts to panic and says that he'll do anything.

The boss tells Anthony that he's been having trouble catching Mewtwo. Anthony then asks that the boss "spent all this money to track Anthony down, capture Anthony, take Anthony to this secret fortress on the middle of some random island just so the boss can ask Anthony tips on how to capture Pokemon." Anthony asks why the boss didn't just look up a walkthrough on YouTube, but the boss says that he thought YouTube was "a place for skateboarding dog videos." Anthony simply tells the boss to use a Master Ball to capture Mewtwo.At first, the boss is confused. Anthony tells him that the Master Ball is the only Poké Ball you get in the entire game. Then the boss remebers now and admits that he caught his "cute little Pidgey" with that.The boss even says "Pidge,Pidge,Pidge,Pidge to emphisize his Pidgey.

Anthony angrily starts to strangle the boss and angrily asks him why would he use a Master Ball against a level 5 Pokemon. However, he ends up pulling off his face mask, when he sees the boss's true identity: Ian's Mom. Ian's Mom complains that she "would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids." Anthony points out that she killed her own son, but she doesn't care. Ian's mom then asks Anthony if they want to go Snailing and they scream "YEAH!" The two were later seen at home having fun Snailing.




  • In the Pokémon Red and Blue version, getting all 151 Pokémon includes capturing Mew there is no way to legally obtain Mew in the game, since it was never legally released. The only way to even get a Mew is using the Mew Glitch. However, in Pokémon Red and Blue, you only have to capture 150 Pokemon for your Pokedex to be considered complete.
  • This is KassemG's third appearance in a Smosh video.
  • The messages Anthony's Game Boy says were, "Save me, Anthony!" "He means business, Anthony!" "Oh god! I don't want to die!" and "I have children, Anthony!"
  • One part of the video, it said "Unknown Island, Pacific Ocean" later in the video, it says "Same Unknown Island, Baltic Sea". So this is either an error, or it was just meant for humor.
  • This is the first time Ian is in the ER, Anthony was twice in MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND, it's also the same hospital room.
  • The Spider-Man truck is obviously a U-Haul truck, with information about a "Diamond Farm" on one side.
  • When Kassem's employee is listening to what Kassem's saying, next to him is a skeleton with a skull penis (These are the skeletons in sexual positions later to appear in Lunchtime with Smosh).
  • It is 1:51 when Anthony said he caught all 151 Pokemon.
  • If Anthony caught all 151 Pokémon, he would have to get all 3 starters and all the Red version exclusive Pokémon. It is stated that Anthony already played the Red version, but it is unknown what happened to that version and the Game Boy he played it on (since the one he played the Blue version on was a new one). He may have gotten a second one to trade it over on both versions.
  • The Gameboy Color that Anthony has was in an episode of Mailtime with Smosh on Ian is Bored.
  • At one point in the video (in the first instance of Kassem's dungeon), one can see a skeleton with its crotch censored by a skull, referencing the cencored version of HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!.
  • Each time the batman-style spider symbol is shown on-screen, the number of legs on it increases from 6-7-8-9.
  • After Kassem is revealed to be Ian's mom, she says "And I wouldnt have gotten away if it weren't for you meddling kids!" That is a line from Scooby Doo.
  • In the video, "Snailing" is a parody of "Planking".
  • When the Boss's henchmen says " The eagle has landed in the henhouse", he didn't speak into a communication watch, just his wrist.
  • When Anthony first walks in, he says he just got a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue. Ian tells him that he's already played the red version, even though Anthony just got the Gameboy, therefore he couldn't have played it since he had just gotten it.

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