Nerdsworth, at first named The Nerdsworth, is the personal channel of Amra Ricketts. It premiered on May 5th, 2013, yet has been inactive for about six months. FLitz has uploaded a broad range of videos, from short vlogs to gameplay to dancing videos.

The channel has 40,000+ subscribers.


Project Personal Mayhell

  • Project Personal Mayhell was a video series that ran from May 5th to May 20th 2013. For the entire month of May, FLitz attempted to go 30 days without alcohol, carbs, sugar, masturbating, and overworking, and to start dancing and exercising more. It contained three videos ("A month without fapping?!," "Yoga is Stupid!," and "Yeah Bro, I Lift!"), which gained a total of 28,000+ views.

= It's FLitz


Game Face

  • Game Face was a monthly video game show that consisted of an intro showing off that month's Loot Crate, then FLitz playing a video game, sometimes accompanied by his friends Cherry, Matt, Brent, Jessa, Nick, Synis, Kathy Sue, Michael, King Charles, Kuda, David Moss, and Chelsea. There were a total of six videos that gained 5,000+ views.


  • TheLAB was a part vlog, part behind-the-scenes series hosted by FLitz, sometimes accompanied by Edward "Royal Flush" Valdez or Nick Gregorio. The first video was a behind-the-scenes look at building a video game show set. The next two videos were a semi-tutorial on modding/customizing a fight stick. The fourth video was FLitz and a couple of his friends playing fighting games. There were a total of four videos that gained 20,000+ views.

Other Videos

  • FLitz posted a dancing video titled "Vs. The Beat - Absorbing Funk & Inner G," which featured him and Sohinki dancing to the song "Inner G," This was posted before FLitz became an honorary member of the Smosh Games crew.
  • FLitz has uploaded a Q&A video and a 50 Facts video.
  • A video titled "Funversation: Orlando Johnson," where he talked to comedian Orlando Johnson where they joked about about their supposed resemblance and lineage. Funversation never returned to the channel.

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