The Legend of Zelda Rap
The Legend of Zelda Rap


November 18, 2011

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Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Navi, Santa, Tingle, Bomb shopkeeper

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The Legend of Zelda Rap is a Smosh video uploaded on November 18, 2011.

Brief Synopsis: To celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Smosh made a "cum in the face" music video about the Legend of Zelda games, the video is mostly based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with references throughout to other titles in the series.

History and Making of

In an interview with GoNintendo, Anthony said that Ian and him were always big Legend of Zelda fans and spent their childhood playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This obviously lead them to make this video since then. Anthony said, right after Pokemon in Real Life was released, he wished to make another video game spoof. The first idea that came mind was The Legend of Zelda', which he said that it his all-time favorite video game series.

Anthony said that he tried thinking of many ways to create a Zelda video, but nothing seemed to work. The two ultimately decided the best route to go was to make a music video. He thought about tons of things that are universally known about the Zelda universe to help Smosh create a song that almost anyone would understand. The one thing that kept his mind is how tons of people that haven't played any of the games assumed Link's name is Zelda. So they finalized it into Link's mistreatment.

From conception to video release, the whole process took about six months.

The instrumental version was first mixed by Taylor Lipari and the lyrics were written by Anthony. Meanwhile they asked their friend, Jacqueline Goehner, to make all the costumes from scratch. Anthony said it took them a couple of days to get the perfect place for shooting the video. The dungeon was all set up in the time of the making of the video.

Yeah my name is Link, man, I'm more well-known than Lil' Wayne
Oh you thought my name was Zelda? THAT'S A F**KING GIRL'S NAME!
I've saved the world like fifteen times and saved the princess from demise
And I do it all alone, with no help and no advice

"Hey, Look, Listen" Hey, look, listen, you f**king annoying fairy
I'd rather be forced to listen to constant Katy Perry
I think it's time I got some recognition, don't you think?
Legend of Zelda? SCREW THAT! Legend of LINK.

'Cause he's the L to the I to the N to the K
Wears tights every day, don't give a damn what you say
Got bigger balls than even Evel Knievel
And he ain't gonna stop 'til the world is free of evil

I'll break all your pots and I best not hear your bitchin'
I've got the Triforce of courage, BITCH! So you better listen (that's right)
I'm called bushwhacker and my bank account's maxed out
Got 999 rupees and my leather wallet's packed now

Can't back down, can't slack now, the world needs me to attack now
Yet I'm forced to pay out the ass for these bombs in Castle Town
Just give me some heart containers and let me spit on my ocarina
So I can kick that dumbass Ganon all the way to Argentina!

'Cause he's the L to the I to the N to the K
Wears tights every day, don't give a damn what you say
Got bigger balls than even Evel Knievel
And he ain't gonna stop 'til the world is free of evil

Yo, you low-life elf, need a ride up to the North Pole?
Santa's got a thing for elfs and he's getting' his marriage annulled.
You really think saving the princess will convince me you're straight? (Ha-ha!)
The "Uggs and Skirt" fad is so 2008!

Oh snap, it's Ganondorf tryin' to jock on my style
Batman's cape, Lincoln's beard, were you dressed by a child?
You're a ginger with no soul and you look like a f**king troll!
Isn't kidnapping helpless girls getting a little bit old?

You think Zelda's stupid enough to get kidnapped so often?
She runs off to my castle, into my room and begs to get locked in.
Yeah, she's sick of your little Deku nuts and your girly fairy face
L-I-N-K? More like L-I-N-GAY.

Man, you should've been aborted, just like the Jersey Shore
It's a damn lie you told about Zelda 'cause she loves my master sword
It's a shame your whole life's been a waste trying to rule Hyrule
'cause today will be the day known as "the day you got schooled"

'Cause he's the L to the I to the N to the K
Wears tights every day, don't give a damn what you say
Got bigger balls than even Evel Knievel
And he ain't gon' stop 'til the world is free of evil

Dark Link Mix (remix)


  • Ian and Anthony have stated on multiple occasions that this is their most favorite video they ever made.
  • The video was made to celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The game was released in Europe the day this video was uploaded and was released in the US two days later, followed by Japan the next day and Australia the day after that.
  • The word 'fuck' is censored out by the Triforce.
  • The video thumbnail looks similar to the one for the Ultimate Assassin's Creed 3 Song
  • Around 0:12, when Link arrives, we can see in the background some circle clouds on top of a mountain, this is could be based on the Start Menu of The Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening, surrounding the top of Mt. Tamaranch where the egg lies. Although the mountain is more likely to be a reference to Death Mountain in its Ocarina of Time guise.
  • If one looks closely during the line "I think it's time I got some recognition, don't you think?", the Creepy Moon from Majora's Mask can be seen on the top left corner.
  • This is the third or so time "The Legend of Zelda" was featured in Smosh, it was seen in fan drawings in Mailtime with Smosh on Ian is Bored and one segement in If Video Games Were Real.
    • One can say that MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET had Zelda in it because many aspects are in it (Master Sword, sound effects, key).
  • This song is on iTunes, as well as the uncensored version.
    • This makes this song the first Smosh song to have an uncensored version available.
  • Santa is seen holding a list titled "Very Naughty Boys." The listed are: Link, Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Tiger Woods, William Clinton, and Kim Jong-Il.
  • Around 0:22 you can see a fly passing by Link's face.
  • This is he last time the actress who played Zelda (Jackie Goehner) would appear in a smosh video until 2015's Smash Rap.
  • Robin Williams, a famous American actor and comedian, and his daughter, Zelda, were featured in a video saying they love The Legend of Zelda Rap.
  • This video is now currently the second most viewed Smosh video overall. At last tally, the view count was around 69.4 million views.
  • Error: Link also has the Triforce of Power (Ganondorf, top triangle) and Wisdom (Zelda, left-bottom triangle) due to every triangles glowing showing which one has what part of the Triforce.
  • 2008 was the year Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out and Ganondorf's latest appearance from the video since he never appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  • Despite being loosely based on Ocarina of time, the video also contains references to other Zelda Games (Tingle (played by Anthony), who appeared in Majora's Mask, the Oracle games and various games from the "Adult" timeline, The Moon from Majora's Mask and the Start screen from A Link to the Past)
  • In March 2013, BBC Radio 1's Dan Howell and Phil Lester interviewed Anthony and played this song on the station following the interview.

Subscription Ending

Click the Subscribe Button and get another Heart Container! Quick! Click it! You're dying! You're low on health! Click it!

Shut Up! Opening

*Zelda treasure chest/item get jingle* SHUT UP!


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