The Last of Us is the twenty-fifth honest trailer.

THE LAST OF US (Honest Game Trailers)03:35

THE LAST OF US (Honest Game Trailers)


Also, spoiler alert.

From the studio that for some reason isn't working on a next gen Jak and Daxter (Naughty Dog), comes a PlayStation exclusive so bleak, it makes Killzone look like Kingdom Hearts: The Last of Us.

Experience the game critics tripped over themselves to shower with praise and was a near unanimous choice for Game of the Year but... they're actually kinda right, the game is amazing. What?! I got to be honest.

Experience yet another take on the zombie-apocalypse. But instead of ancient curses or chemical warfare gone wrong, this time it's a really bad case of allergies. Now... the only one who's immuned is Ellie, a teenage girl with the face of Ellen Page and the mouth of a salty truck driver. (Ellie swears a lot) Play as Ellie and her protector, Joel, a guy in his late 40's with a mysterious past and a mean case of old-man strength. (Joel beats up three people)

Follow along on their father-sort-of-daughter road trip through a beautiful world of linear corridors and strategic cover (Joel almost gets shot) where you'll encounter horrific sites along the way like torture,

Joel: I ain't got time for this. (shoots someone)

suicide (someone else kills himself), Pittsburgh, dead children, more torture, more dead children, and the ultimate hore of leaving your best friend hanging.

Ellie: Really? Just gonna leave me hanging? (keeps talking)

What is wrong with you, you monster?!

Face enemy AI that hunts Joel down relentlessly while completely ignoring Ellie (arrow points at Ellie) and make your way through the apocalypse with hardcore survival tactics like super listening-to-things, prison quality arts-and-crafts, and pinpoint brick chucking. (Joel throws bricks at enemies while the player gets a "Home Alone 2" trophy)

Test yourself in an unforgiving multiplayer mode where you die in two or three shots, a crafting system that has you explore every corner of the game world for supplies, and the biggest challenge in gaming history: keeping it together during the giraffe scene.

Ellie: Hey there. (pets the giraffe)

Fight the feels!

Ellie: So f***ing cool.

Fight them! (earns "Don't Cry" trophy and relaxes himself)

So play through an epic title from your PlayStation 3 or 4 console and if you're too poor to afford one of those, wait patiently for its release on PC and Xbox. Any day now. Any day. (gets "Wishful Thinking" trophy) Awwww!

Starring Juno Everdeen (Ellie), Old Nathan Drake (Joel), and a really bad yeast infection (infected host). Left 4 Dead.

Come on, guys, I can't be the only one who murdered all the helpless doctors in the surgery room at the end, right? You all did that too, right? TELL ME I'M A GOOD PERSON! (gets "Horrible Person" trophy)

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