The Internet For Dummies


September 30, 2011

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Bob Roberts, Bob Roberts III, some elder woman

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"The Internet for Dummies" is a Smosh Video released on September 30, 2011. It stars Bob Roberts in another one of his How-To VHS tapes, this time showing how to use the internet.


The video starts out with an FBI warning, then Bob Roberts (lan) is seen flying in from the top of the screen. He asks the question "Has this problem ever happened to you?" An old lady complains that writing to her grandchildren is so hard, and that she'll probably die before it even reaches them. Bob Roberts pops up (giving the lady a heart attack in the process) and suggests a solution: THE INTERNET! And then he fades away to say that you have one of two reasons you have purchased this VHS tape. Either he's dead and you've been "rootin' through his belongings," or you wanna learn how to get on the internet. It shows: "The Internet for Dummies" now presented in color! Starring: Me (Bob Roberts) And My Grandson (Bob Roberts III.) With special guest, The Internet.

Then a pop-up shows: Connecting to the internet is as easy as my ex-wife.

Bob is then shown at his computer, and says "Step 1: Connect to the internet" He clicks his mouse, and when the computer doesn't connect, he throws his keyboard at the monitor. It cuts to Bob underneath the table with a plug. (Step 1 is actually: Plug in your computer) He says, "Make sure your computer is actually plugged in." Bob sits back up at the computer and clicks his mouse. His computer takes a really long time to connect, and Bob goes to his grandson and says the following, "If you're having trouble connecting to the internets, you can give your grandson a shiny new nickle to set it up for you. So then they can buy their lousy "Pokeymans" or whatever they buy these days."

Asking the viewer if they want to be famous, Bob says they can get the YouTube show to come to their house and film them. Bob is then seen watching "Charlie Bit Me" then farting. (Or possibly crapping his pants),

Another fact is shown saying: The internets do not catch interfish.

He's seen flying, then says that "when you get the hang of it, the internet is a polite and resourceful place." Bob is seen on Google, saying, "If you have a question, type it in on goggle and they'll answer your question really quick." He then types: Dear sirs, how do I pluck my ear hair? Sincerely, Bob Roberts. When he presses enter, he jumps back in surprise. Then he says that you are now an internet master! Bob also says to check out his other VHS Tapes at participating Blockbuster rental stores, such as: Goldpaning for Dummies, Duke Nukem for Dummies, and and Hemorriod Treatment for Dumb F**ks. The Logo is seen, slowing down and fading away.

Bonus Tips

Bob is upside down and turns back right side up. Bob tells the viewers that there are some Internet secrets no one wants to share, but since Bob thinks him and the viewers and an Internet master, he'll give the inside scoop.

Bob is at the computer telling the viewers to open every single E-mail they get because he thinks there are some helpful stuff from strangers. When an E-mail says if Bob wants 4 H's; he said, "Yes please!" and opens it.

Bob then does a jump and accidentally hurts himself in the animation part.

After Step 2, Bob says to the viewers that the Internet may take a while and he likes to sing a sweet tune to the progress. The song goes like this, "This is Bob and I'm the Internet master. Wish my computer would boot up faster. If you change my number, you would call me the blaster." He asked the viewers if they get it because he blasts poop out of his butt.

He then appears in the animation doing the hula. Still at the animation, Bob says that the Internet is great for helping out others in need. He explains by saying that he helped a Nigerian prince by sending the prince some of his money and will soon be a millionaire when he gets part of his portion not knowing it was a scam. He also thinks Nigerians are swell.

Bob tells the audience that if they see the little thing that says, "Congratulations!  You are the one millionth viewer. Click for a prize." to click it immediately before someone else does it. He then realizes that the mail from the Internet is kind of slow knowing he hasn't receive a free iPod Nano.


Bob thinks that virus scanners are just a scam only impulsive by thinking that only humans and his cat, Rufus, can get viruses. However, he knows the cat herpes are real since that is how Rufus died which made him cry and end the video.


The Internet For Dummies/Script


  • When Bob Roberts is seen typing on his keyboard he types "F, U, C, K"
  • Bob's Fly was down after he plugged in his computer, and stayed down for the rest of the video.
  • The computer Bob used was an old Apple Macintosh.
  • He connected onto the internet using the old fashioned America Online, now AOL.
  • Four of his files were named "Not Porn," "Pictures Of Me Naked With Fruit," "Britney Spears bald pictures," and "Clues from my dead wife."
  • When the Google Homepage was seen, it's actually He went there for the old 2009 US version of Google.
  • The end also states: Dear sir or madam, Thank you for watching this video. Sincerely: Bob Roberts, DDS.
  • Anthony is seen in this video as "Bob Roberts III" but has no speaking parts.
  • When the logo is seen, it says in the lower left: (c) 2011 Bob Roberts DDS. Since this video is like watching a VHS, it should say stuff like 1989, Bob Roberts DDS.
  • By "Pokeymans," Bob really means Pokemons.
  • The suggestions Bob gets when he types in "Dear sirs, How Do I" include:
    • Dear sirs, How Do I make my own prune juice? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I Clean out my wrinkles? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I get YouTube to film me? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I properly shave my butt cheeks? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I hold a séance for my hamster? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I stop having green poop? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I cover up a murder? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
    • Dear sirs, How Do I post nude pictures of me w/ fruit? Sincerely, Bob Roberts.
  • Bonus Step: Make sure you open every email you get, there's some real helpful stuff in there.
  • During Step 2, Bob says to make up a song about the steps of progress to drown out the annoying AOL noise.

Subscription Ending

"Press the subscribe button and the YouTube website show will send you a telegram to watch my new videos right away! How convenient!"

Shut Up! Opening

"*Windows XP start up sound* SHUT UP!"



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