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October 26, 2007

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The Haunting is a Smosh video uploaded on October 26th, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony believes that there is a ghost in his house, so he invites Ian over to stay the night.


Anthony is sitting next to the front door when Ian knocks on it. Anthony opens it and Ian says hi, but Anthony pulls him inside, pins him against the wall, and tells him there's a ghost in his house. Ian pushes Anthony away and drops his bags on the ground. A heavy breathing sound is heard, and Anthony says, "I told you there's a ghost!" Ian tells him that he's getting tired of his childish games, and that men don't get scared over little noises. He then asks if he wants to do some "manly stuff," and Anthony agrees. They are seen later playing Guess Who? Ian asks if Anthony's person is Joe, and Anthony says no. Anthony asks if Ian's person is a woman, but Ian can't tell, even though his person is named Alfred. Another ghostly sound is heard, and Anthony is frightened. Ian says, "I thought we weren't gonna play those childish games anymore!" Anthony tries to tell him that it was the ghost, but Ian says that he doesn't want to hear any more of Anthony's ghost, and yes, his person is a woman. He then throws his board on the ground, says, "I hate this game!" and runs off. Anthony asks, "It was Alfred, wasn't it?" Later, Ian and Anthony are sleeping in their sleeping bags, and Anthony asks Ian if he's ever seen a ghost. Ian responds, "No," and Anthony begins to ask him if he believes in fairies, but before he can finish the question, Ian yells, "No!" Anthony says, "I was gonna ask if you believed in fairies, but if you're gonna be a dick about it, then fine!"

The two roll over so that they're back to back, but Ian finally hears a ghost noise and sits up. He tells Anthony that he heard the ghost, and asks how to get rid of it. Ian and Anthony are sitting at a table lit by candlelight. Ian is looking into a mirror and asks Anthony what he's supposed to say to get the ghost to reveal itself. Anthony tells him to say "Unique New York" three times, but Ian can't do it, so he tells Anthony to do it. After Anthony succesfully says the tongue twister, the candles go out and thunder is heard outside. Ian backs up to the wall with a look of horror on his face and points over Anthony's shoulder. Anthony turns around, and what seems to be the ghost (Stephen's dad from Santa is real) is standing behind him. He lets out a bloodcurdling scream and the two run over to a bookshelf. Ian asks the man if he is a ghost, but he replies, "No, I'm a robber." He pulls his knife on Anthony and demands he gives him all his money.

Then he backs off and says, "Just kidding, I am a ghost." Ian and Anthony stay where they are, with a scared look on their faces, but the ghost says, "Guys, it's cool. I'm a friendly ghost." Ian asks why he was haunting them, but the ghost says he wasn't haunting anybody. Anthony asks him to explain the noises that they heard earlier, so the ghost says that the "Ahhh..." that they heard was because he was thirsty, so he went to the fridge to get some OJ. He pulled out a picture of Ojay Simpson, and then put him back in the fridge and pulled out some orange juice. After drinking from the carton, he was refreshed, so he said, "Ahhh..." Anthony then asks him to explain the moaning they heard when they were playing Guess Who? and the ghost says that he stubbed his toe on Ian's bag that he had left in the middle of the room. Ian begins to ask another question, but the ghost's phone rings, and he answers it.

He says, "Hey Mom. Oh really? I love chicken pot pie!" Ian and Anthony exchange a look, and the ghost says, "Yeah, I'll be over soon. Bye!" He then turns around so that Ian and Anthony can't see him, and whispers, "Love you too, mom." He then says bye to Ian and Anthony, and starts to walk out the door, but Ian asks him why he made the noise that sounded like someone flipping their cheek, but the ghost says he never made that noise, then leaves the house. Ian has a suspicious look on his face, and then he looks over at Anthony, who has a scared and shocked face. As it turns out, Anthony was actually masturbating in his sleeping bag while Ian had his back to him. This explains the clapping or smacking sound that the ghost did not do.


  • Ian has a bowl haircut in this episode, but this time, he has facial hair as well.
  • The video revolves around Anthony believing his house is haunted, but the video is actually shot in Ian's house.
  • Anthony's watch is a plastic Reptar Watch from Nickelodeon's Rugrats. It is later seen in Inappropriate Sonic.
  • If you look at the mirror on the left during the scene where Ian drops his bags, you can see the camera man filming Ian's reaction to the ghost's noise.
  • After the ghost pulls his knife on Anthony, it can be seen that he peed his pants.
  • When the ghost trips over the bags, Ian has the same reaction that he did earlier.
  • This episode starts showing more of Ian's rational side, not believing in ghosts and spirits.
  • Another interpretation of the ending is that the sound that the ghost did not do was the result of another silent, invisible ghost. Yet another interpretation is that the ghost was actually a real man getting away with robbery, but a real ghost made the noises, which both realize at the end. However, both of these possible scenarios are unlikely.

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