The Harry Potter Pill


July 15, 2011

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Dickle Sfinkter (Ian)

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THE HARRY POTTER PILL! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 15, 2011, the release date of the final Harry Potter film.

Brief Synopsis: We bring you the final solution to get over your Harry Potter depression!

The Infomercial

An infomercial spokesperson, Dickle Sfinkter (Ian, and J.K. Rowling's Pool Boy) asks the Harry Potter fans if [they] felt like their life was over because the Harry Potter movie series was over? Instead of writing crazy fan fiction or buying all their merchandise and waiting for Harry to rescue them from their pathetic life, they can use The Potter Pill ! A single dose of The Potter Pill will end all suffering from the black hole that Harry Potter left in [your] life. It consists of 3 simple ingredients: Enriched Wheat flour, (White half) Vitamin B6, (Red Half) and a leathal dose of Cyanide (Black lightning bolt in the middle). It also makes a great gift. The scene changes to a Pink tie salesman named Mike Hawksmall. He had a co-worker that just wouldn't shut up about Harry Potter, so he gave her the Potter Pill, and he hasn't heard from her since! Then Dickle explains how the Potter Pill works to a paramedic (Anthony) on how it works: 1. Place it in your mouth. 2. Don't forget to swallow. (That's what he said) And 3. Goodbye, cruel world!

Since some kids hate taking pills, there's Potter Pill chewables! Timmy's mother (From REJECTED VIDEOS!) feeds him a Potter Pill Chewable, and while Timmy starts choking, his mom tells him to sleep. It also comes in a suppository fashion, but you really have to be a really hardcore fan to want one of those. It's (technically) FDA approved. According to FDA Sr. Administrator, Dr. Drew Peacock (Played by Anthony) who states (With a gun held up to his head and brusies all over his face) "This product is FDA approved". Most doctors can relate to the effects of the Potter Pill (which is death). So a (toilet hating) doctor, Dr. Splashbottom (Ian) says that he just can't endorse this product and instead tells potential custumors they should obsess on another book series and gives an example (The Twilight Saga), but gets shot in the head. Then Dickle says, "And if you don't believe The Potter Pill will work for you, just listen to these satisfied customers!" The scene changes to a living room full of people (the customers) who are all dead.

All order information appears and Dickle's voice warns to not use The Potter Pill while operating a motor vehicle, or in conjunction with Viagra. It also states that if you order within the next 5 minutes you will recieve a fan fiction about Harry & Dumbledore, and Dumbledore's greatest pickup lines.


The Harry Potter Pill/Script


The Harry Potter Pill/Gallery


  • In the Potter Pill chewables scene, Timmy from REJECTED VIDEOS! appears taking the Chewable pill
  • When Dickle Sfinkter says that doctors can relate to this, his background is upside down
  • When Dickle Sfinkter explains to the viewers to listen to their customers, one of the hog statues' head is replaced with one of a T-Rex.
  • During the warning not to use the pill with Viagra, Ian's erect penis is censored with Bob Barker's head, a reference to how in the censored version of HOW TO HIDE A B0NER IN PUBLIC!, Anthony's erection is similarly censored.
  • Just like Smosh's other fake infomercial videos, (like Easy Step, Easy Poop, Runbrella, Just Like Link, and others) the text that appears at the lower half of the screen during the order infomation has strange details that have very small if not no relation to the product.
  • Just as the Harry Potter fangirl imagines Harry Potter coming into her room, you can see a Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together poster on her door a split second before it opens.
  • Dr. Drew Peacock in this video is played by Anthony. However, in I'M POSSESSED!, Dr. Drew Peacock is played by Ian and is an exorcist. It is unknown if the Dr. Drew Peacock in both videos are the same person despite the different actors playing as him.
  • Mike Hawksmall, one of the buyers of the Potter Pill, sounds like "My Cock's Small."

Subscription Ending

Click the subscribe button to get a free Potter Pill! And uh whatever you do, don't look at that asterisk. I can't say asterisk. A-a-aster-asterisk.

Shut Up! Opening

Hermione is the hottest babe to ever roam this earth. SHUT UP!



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