The Greatest Warrior
Oishi Origins 1


September 28, 2012

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Oishi Origins



Characters Featured:

Oishi, Mucusance and others of his race, Ryuzu, his secretary, Palomine, Bifton, Labrador, Tickles, Suzy, bunnies and kittens, other demons, regional emperor, other people

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The Helping Hand

The Greatest Warrior is the season premier to the Shut Up! Cartoons mini-series Oishi Origins.


At Happy Rabbit Planet, the rabbits are always happy only having fun and happy times. A rabbit even forgot a sad truth he had which they all cheered. All of the sudden, a spaceship full of demons thought the rabbits would be good eat until Ryuzu Kawaii attacked the demons with his giant sword and splatter blood on the planet. A white bunny wondered what the liquid was; the pink one thought juice from pie since it was warm and all the citizens cheered.

The regional emperor gave Ryuzu a demon slaying award which made the audience cheer.

Twenty-five years later, Bifton kept farting at Ryuzu's trophy which frustrated Oishi thinking that it shows dishonor. Bifton will only stop if Ryuzu stops sucking at slaying. Oishi thinks Ryuzu is the greatest demon slayer even though that was twenty-five years ago. The orange hair wanted know what Ryuzu has done lately.

In space, Ryuzu is relaxing while listening to One Direction and having beverages. His secretary tells Ryuzu that a demon is trying to rule Catopia.

At Catopia, all of the cats are just tumbling and purring. The yellow cat just thinks tumbling and just tumbles some more. Ryuzu thought the planet was fine and just kept relaxing not realizing a demon is attacking. The cats are being burned down even showing that one of the cat's paw was burn down thinking it is less cute. The cats tried to call Ryuzu, but the planet got bitten in half while he's relaxing. A white cat is seen tumbling, but it isn't the good kind and exploded right before Catopia got destroyed.

Bifton saw what happened and a female says that Ryuzu totally blows. Oishi asked Bifton why he kept on farting which he can't control since the first time was a joke.

In the bathroom of Mucusance's race, Mucusance wants to hang out with the dudes which they didn't like him because he hasn't tentacle rape anyone. Mucusance tried to prove he tentacle raped all the time by saying he tentacle raped a girl at camp and she loved it, but they didn't believe him because people aren't suppose to love it and they boo and hist at Mucusance.

At the library, Oishi is seen crying and Mucusance tries to get to eighth base by asking Oishi. Oishi sliced down his tentacles which regenerated quickly and tells him that he could be breaking up his desire saying that no one is respecting Ryuzu and fears that his reputation could affect her by not bonding with a cute spirit animal at the ceremony. She even shows Mucusance a student named Suzy with an uncute spirit animal named Tickles. Suzy blames Tickles for throwing up on a book she uses to study which he apologized. He makes up with Suzy by vomiting not just through his mouth but also his head which disgusted her and made her walk away. Tickles tries to make it better by vomiting through his head. Oishi even said if she doesn't do something that could be her fate forever. After that, the screen says TO BE CONTINUED.


Shut Up! Opening

(fart)My dad is the greatest demon hunter of all(fart). SHUT UP! Cartoons Hahahaha!


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